Nikon 24-70mm Lens Look-Alike Coffee Mug Finally Appears

Well… finally! A Nikon coffee mug has finally appeared on the Internets, months after the web went crazy over Canon look-alike mugs and cups. The black 24-70mm thermos coffee cup comes with a nifty gold box and drawstring bag to carry it around in, and sets you back $23 over at 100milligrams.

Like the black 24-105mm Canon cup, this does not appear to be an official product created by Nikon. However, diehard Nikon fans probably wouldn’t care anyways.

(via PDNPulse)

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  • Claus Petersen

    I guess I can afford this one, but not the original :-( But funny idear ;-)

  • Mark Wheadon

    Couldn't resist at that price (shipping to the UK is inexpensive) — just bought it :-)


  • Morsere

    I just hope it doesnt leak like the real lens!

  • Paul

    Did you receive it? I don’t get any information from the vendor.

  • Camika2333

    So cool! Love the box and bag too!!!