Extreme Slow-Motion Video of Things Getting Destroyed

Philip Heron and James Adair filmed this super slow motion video of things smashed, shot, chopped and dropped with a Photron SA1.1 high speed camera.

Warning: This may make you want to shoot things (pun intended).

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Victor


  • Tech Guy

    Anyone know what music that is in the background?

  • Christian Dita

    Wohaaaaa…. In case eyes haven't noticed…camera are totally in. Finally realize that.. Haha.. Thanks for sharing =)

  • White Hot Phoenix

    Moby – Sunburst

  • White Hot Phoenix

    Anyone know how much one of these cameras costs?

  • Ahmed

    this is incredible… the most trippy thing i ve ever seen! thank u

  • Santosdom_

    Impresionante, algo nunca visto y la música hace juego