Remarkable Stop-Motion Walk Across America

Here’s a really astonishing stop-motion video of a guy walking across America. Peter Cote, director Sam Griffith, and the Conscious Minds Productions crew approached Levis jeans for sponsorship and products to use during the shoot. The trip began June 17 in New York and ended July 1 in San Francisco. For the actual photography, the crew used a Canon 5D.

Included below is a map of their journey (stops and locations included), along with a behind-the-scenes video, which was shot with a backup Canon 7D. You can read more about how they shot the project at Planet 5D.

View Guy Walks Across America! in a larger map

(via Planet 5D)

  • seegullmedia

    This is pretty amazing. I am very impressed. I like the goofy smile on the guys face whenever they pan around him.

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  • Damien

    It's more correct to say this video was made with pixilation (, a technique that's quite different to traditional stop-motion animation.

  • Jay

    Did anybody actually work the numbers? No way he really walked all that distance in two weeks. More likely they drove awhile, he'd get out and walk for a few minutes while they filmed, then get back in the car and drive some more. Not that impressive.

  • guest

    I'm with Jay, he didn't walk it, but I still think it's impressive. :)

    Explains why he still had feet when he reached San Fran.

  • Jess

    Yeah, they stopped at various key locations to photograph and rode around in an RV. Otherwise, there would would be no way he could have made it across America in just over two weeks.

  • Zack Simpson

    Yeah – virtually impossible to walk that in two weeks. That's 8.6 MPH, 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, cool video.

  • Jim

    Yeah, this is a fraud. If you are looking for somebody who is *actually* walking across the country try:

  • Moviesrme

    Alas, one need not blow up a real 'Death Star' to make an impressive movie.

  • mediaprod10

    fraud?? it wasn't about the walking, it was about the video & production concept…which were pretty incredible.

  • Josh

    additional support: you can't walk across the Bay Bridge while coming into San Francisco

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  • everyman

    You fraudsters are missing the point. The *character* in this video is walking across America… lend them just a little poetic license!

    This such a creative and beautiful work. These guys deserve praise and maybe just a little respect from all of us on the tremendous effort they made to realize their vision.

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  • AW

    hahaha wow, missed the point much!?!? lol its not about the 'walking across America', that was just the storyline to a very impressive and original idea. Technically very difficult to achieve a well put together stop motion in the way they have.

    “Did anybody actually work the numbers? No way he really walked all that distance in two weeks.” hahaha NO SHIT!! hahaha

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  • Buggsbunny1936

    23 stop in two weeks. Hum So that works out to 1.642857142857143 stops per day. He was riding to each photo shot location. 2 stops a day when you look at the map is not walkable at a human speed. Maybe they had him walking on a tread mill as the RV went down the road to technically say that he walked for point to point.

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  • LaurieV

    It's an advertisement people – it doesn't have to be real! But as far as ads go, it's a good one.

  • eersacefeg

    esti un cretin :D

  • Nancyboy Films

    Jesus. These poor babies had to suffer on the “Gatorade Diet.” In their RV. For 14 WHOLE DAYS. What a war story! If I had a nickel for every whitebread, overprivileged post-film school nancyboy that took his viddycamera across country and cut it to twat rock, I'd have enough cash to buy a blood diamond and three Chinese wife-slaves. Way to go, gents! PS The world is burning. Take your camera to Darfur, motherfuckers, and stay off my stumbleupon.

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  • Stanco55

    I’m late to the game and guess like most chose to purposely disregard his meticulously fresh, wrinkle free t-shirts (and pants) and applaud this man’s incredibly singular feat of “walking across America.” Actually, I was much more amazed and enthralled with this uniquely original and superbly executed still/video montage. Only to find out after the fact, that it was (as my own eyes attempted to tell what’s left of my brain), nothing more than… a Levis’ ad!

    Which leaves a thoroughly foul taste in one’s mouth. And not one single mention of the commercial aspects in the video chronicling the making of it- as if those dedicated twenty somethings poured their own starving artist greenbacks, time and effort into this cross country endeavor simply for… art’s sake!

    The thing is, I would have been perfectly OK with it- knowing in advance that it was, in fact, an ad. Very discreet brand name placement (not until the very end), despite having product placement front dead center, start to finish- ingenious! Instead, they had to lie and play us like the fools we wanna be!

    Is that how wars start?

  • Kush_mydog

    i call bullshit there is no way he walked all the way across America in 14 days. that’s roughly 207.5 miles a day which is around 8.65 miles an hour, not even including the stops. either he’s the worlds fastest “walker”, or it’s a lie… my guess is it’s a lie.

  • Thisismyspamaccount1

    dumbass, watch the behind the scenes video. Of course he didn’t walk the entire way, god damn. It took my friend an entire summer to bike across the nation, how could you ever entertain the idea that this man actually walked across the U.S. in two weeks??

  • Moose

    are you fucking retarded? honestly.

  • Moose

    I don’t understand what people aren’t getting about the purpose of this video. OF COURSE he didn’t walk all the way across America, this is a PHOTO SHOOT to produce a stop motion video taking place in various locations between the east and west coast. In fact, the map up there specifically says “stops and locations included”. Learn how to read.


    To be fair though, the title of the video is “stop motion walk across america”

    not, “douchebag gets lift and walks a little bit every now and then, filmed in a kinda annoying fashion”

  • Genericaddress_01

    No wonder your name is nancyboy.

  • Genericaddress_01

    You should probably read the description, dumbass. They came to levi, asking for sponsorship, so could afford to make the fucking video.

  • Genericaddress_01

    Perhaps if you weren’t so trigger happy about pointing out the obvious, you would have noticed that they say and show that they didn’t walk across america. They merely made stops to take pictures to give the illusion.

  • Genericaddress_01

    Pixilation is stop-motion. Don’t be an anal prick about it.

  • Frank

    Great Video, but he could have walked through L.A. man, come on.

  • Jackmo

    If anybody is interested, I DID walk across America this summer between May 1st and September 10, averaging 25 miles per day. Cool video, but wearing jeans and remaining that clean would be tough! This week I will be getting on a bike and riding back across America in 40 days. Please come follow my journey at My goal is to finish my fundraising goal of $100k.

  • Luis Ajj

    nice but he didn’t walked across America, de didn’t even get out of USA…

  • dasfotocube

    Therefore, they used their effects and whatnot to make it appear as if he was walking across the nation, when really he didn’t. Things like that are usually done in films, are they not?

  • dasfotocube

    He wasn’t on a treadmill, dumbass. The footage is right up there. You would have seen that had you actually watched the video.

  • dasfotocube

    Congratulations on your observations. However, I do believe that we can figure those out ourselves. The ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage describes how they made the video, including mentioning the fact that he didn’t actually walk across America. Also, let’s take the name of the project as evidence that it was a walk across AMERICA. Of course he didn’t get out of the USA.

  • PwB

    Whaddya mean he didnt walk across america? Sure looked like it to me.

    Enough already.

  • Azure

    I love how everyone loves to nitpick and tend to ignore the big picture of things.

    I really have to applaud their persevering motivation to actually make this. Actually leisurely walking across America pales in comparison to the time and effort spent to make such a masterpiece. The time needed to measure, pose, and angle every few steps is impressive on its own. Then there’s organizing the photos and bringing it all together. Indeed, this would have taken so much patience and time, it’s truly impressive to see it all come together.

  • JohnnyboyJohnny

    Yeaaaaaaa Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes