Remarkable Stop-Motion Walk Across America

Here’s a really astonishing stop-motion video of a guy walking across America. Peter Cote, director Sam Griffith, and the Conscious Minds Productions crew approached Levis jeans for sponsorship and products to use during the shoot. The trip began June 17 in New York and ended July 1 in San Francisco. For the actual photography, the crew used a Canon 5D.

Included below is a map of their journey (stops and locations included), along with a behind-the-scenes video, which was shot with a backup Canon 7D. You can read more about how they shot the project at Planet 5D.

View Guy Walks Across America! in a larger map

(via Planet 5D)

  • Madelinewilson

    Would you stop the name calling? It really diminishes your points and your credibility.

  • katkiller

    How did he walk all that in a minute and fifty-three seconds? Fucking incredible.

  • Kevintayloranderson

    Hes really HOTT!!!

  • Aaron

    haha the intelligence here is overwhelming.

  • Guest

    Since he didn’t actually “walk across America” I think they need to rename this video otherwise it’s just false advertising.

  • Mari Haaland Andersen