Intimate Portraits from Inside a Romanian Women’s Prison

Photographer Cosmin Bumbut was given the opportunity lead a photo workshop in one of the least likely places — in a women’s penitentiary in Romania. Bumbat furnished 14 women with six Canon PowerShots plus cards and batteries,  and taught them basic photography. The photo workshop began meeting weekly, and within two months, the class had produced some 14,000 images.

The participants achieved what so many professional photographers strive to do: they wove together a very compelling visual story that also has a back story that is just as raw and captivating.

Bumbut has a small batch of additional photos on Punctum (be aware, there is some nudity in a few photos). The photos portray a very intimate portrait of the women and their daily lives from a refreshingly straightforward and honest perspective.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Prison Photography

    It is surprising that we don't see projects like this more often given how popular and viral they quickly become. I would advocate strongly for photography to be used as a rehabilitative tool in any prison.

    Here is a pinhole photography project from young female offenders at Remann Hall, near Tacoma in Washington State:

  • Ndt

    Um.. You have spelled Portraits incorrectly, which is in the title, so it's kind of important…

  • Mihai Iovanov

    Actually, Cosmin's name is Bumbut, not Bumbat.

  • JessicaLum

    Thanks for the catch. That's why copy editors are so important.

  • Mihai Iovanov

    You're welcome, Romanian names are sometimes complicated :)

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  • Cfazi

    i wish they could add a few words to the images expressing what they feel.