BlackRapid Camera Strap Designed Specifically for Women

Finally, a photo accessory for ladies that isn’t just frills. The new BlackRapid Camera RS-W1, is designed specifically to fit women. Sure, it has some embellishments on the strap padding, but it retains all the function of the traditional R-Strap, plus some strategic curves for comfort and fit. The strap will begin shipping later this month for $59 from BlackRapid.

  • Robert

    There are a lot of Men out there with moobs that would also benefit from it :D

  • freeboprich

    I like the idea of having the strap screw on to the tripod attachment, standard straps get in the way when lifting. This is far more useful solution, even for men!

  • Corey S

    @Robert for sure.haha

  • Fastactingrelief

    I work in photo retail, and this new R-strap makes my job kind of awkward sometimes.

    “It's designed for women, How do you mean?”
    “Well, it has a special curve to fit better between your…”

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  • James

    Look up blackrapid that’s there claim to fame.