Rent Out and Borrow Studio Resources with StudioShare

Here’s a pretty cool idea: is a website through which individuals can rent studio gear or space from each other. Members can either simply sign up to rent, or if they’re a studio owner, they can sign up to both rent and to rent out their studio space. All members can rent out their gear if they wish, though it’s probably a good idea to get equipment insurance first.

Photographers can also set up collaborations with each other using the site, as well as offer their creative services for studio shoots — and services aren’t limited to photographers, it could include stylists, makeup artists, and other creative talents.

The site streamlines all the prep for a photo shoot, from the creative services to the gear, lighting, and space. The site also emphasizes the human element of photo shoots, allowing users to network with each other and to share portfolios and resumes.

Membership starts at $49 and StudioShare takes a 20% commission on rates set by resource owners.

One drawback to the service is that it is relatively small right now, with less than 2,000 members in the United States with a rather thin distribution. Since the available stock and resources depend on that number and location of members, it might be a bit early to jump in as a renting member until the pool of studio and equipment owners grows. (via Small Aperture)

  • Jonathan Nafarrete

    This is ridiculous….You have to pay in order to even just check the database. No free to try or trial period! They have obviously never heard of the Freemium model. Great idea and would love to recommend but I am not going to pay to check to see if it is a good service…

  • Sarah

    As far as I know they have a free one-year membership through Resource Magazine. You just have to enter coupon code resmag10 to get your free year.

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