Leaf Capture Remote iPad App Allows You to View Photos Wirelessly As You Shoot

Photographers can now use their iPad or iPhone to view images remotely during a photo shoot — if they’ve got a Leaf or a Mamiya digital back. Today, Mamiya and Leaf announced the release of a new App compatible with Leaf backs, as well as Mamiya’s DM-series and RZ33 digital cameras and backs. When tethered shooting on a Mac, the Leaf Capture Remote v 2.0 App allows one or more iPad or iPhone to function as a remote image viewer over Wi-Fi.

There is no live view mode, but images are available to view as they are taken. There are obvious benefits to workflow with this sort of program, since the photographer can move around while reviewing the results from shots. Also, several people can view and flip through the images on different devices, which could come in handy in large photo shoots.

The App is free from the Apple store, and works in tandem with Leaf’s Capture server, which must be installed on your computer.

  • Ranger 9

    Cool, but I'd like to point out that non-Leaf/Mamiya users can review photos wirelessly on an iPhone or iPad as they shoot by using an $8 app called ShutterSnitch.

    I've got a video walk-through and feature update on my blog:

    ShutterSnitch works with many wireless-camera solutions including Eye-Fi cards and Nikon and Canon WiFi transmitters. The latest version, just released last week, has a spiffy new feature for commercial shooters: You can import a layout sketch and superimpose a ghosted-out version of it over your photos, allowing you to check as you shoot to make sure that the shots fit the layout.

    Footnote: I have no connection with ShutterSnitch other than that I find it useful, and helped beta-test the latest version.

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  • Baard Overgaard Hansen

    Not for Windows :(