A Picture of the Future with Canon Wonder Camera Concept

Canon debuted this concept camera at the Shanghai World Expo, revealing their plans for the future of photography. The concept camera, dubbed the Wonder Camera, has many functions that already exist in many cameras, but takes them a step further.

The Wonder Camera would have high-speed, multi-level focus. It would also have the ability to shoot both stills and video, but quality stills can also be taken out from individual frames of the video reel. Not only will it have face recognition, it will have smile recognition and the ability to single out those who smile out of a crowd.

It also would have super zoom capabilities, but improved built-in image stabilization to reduce the need for tripods — and perhaps eliminating the need for interchangeable lenses altogether. Canon also hopes to integrate faster wireless connectivity into the camera body.

And on top of all the features, the resolution might be measured in something much larger than megapixels — petapixels, perhaps?

Canon forecasts that a working, consumer-ready model of this camera might not exist for another 20 years, but it’s likely that we’ll see some of these features seeping into near-future consumer cameras.

You can see a video of Canon’s presentation here.

How do you think these kinds of technological changes might shape the future of photography? Let us know in the comments.

(via gizmag)

  • White Hot Phoenix

    Personally, no thanks.

  • Brett

    Might swing for people looking to get a fancy toy, but something like this I don't think will ever fly with professionals. It looks unergonomic, cheap, featureless, flimsy, and not very sharp. The glossy white plastic looks like some cheap Wii accessory. Even in 20 years I don't think we'll have 1D MarkX's that look anything like that. There is a reason the SLR body style has been near the same for 30-40 years.

  • Kole

    It looks like a hair dryer.

  • Teknisyan

    Does this spell the end of DSLR or just a different type of camera?

    btw.. do you have any info about the new Sony α390 and α290?

  • Jim

    Brett and Kole, why do the looks become the primary concern? The feature list of this camera is basically a pure fantasy from a photographers point of view, what the hell it looks like wouldn't matter at all compared to what you could do with it.

    Everyone wants to look like a big-professional-photo-guy, looks being more important than results.

  • gcoll

    It looks like a camera designed in the 80's trying to predict the future… or something out of Battlestar Gallactica!

  • Paul Jubenvill

    how can “super zoom” possibly eliminate the need for interchangeable lenses. also, i'd prefer to hear about larger sensor size instead of “petapixels”. maybe it will?

  • Pete Boyd

    Apart from the petapixels, there's nothing here that doesn't exist in cameras already, making this story, and camera _idea_, a complete non-event.

    And what's with this “video reel”… what do you find so difficult about the contemporary world that you can't say “video file”?

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  • QuBe

    Liking the big touch screen.

    But, it won't be near as massive as this prototype. I don't see people wanting to lug their camera around on their belt.
    Even today's consumer cams are constantly packed with more capabilities in tiny form factors, so I'm pretty sure they will be able to miniaturize huge focal length optics with improvements in sensor technology, and work around the inherent limits of physics in light and glass optics through more advanced image processing.

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  • Dipro_1

    i think there will be smaller(mercifully better looking) even more power full camera by 2015 canon just said 2030 so hopefully people wont stop buting lenses n stuff n the funny little looking screen will not b there i m sure i think there will be some type of advance super efective 3D projection screen or some thing.but whatever happens pro photography days r gona b over.n if canon does make some thing that looks exactly like this 1 then it better have a built in hair dryer ;)

  • Mark Penrice

    I like the fact it still has a proper viewfinder… but unlike the japanese girl in the picture, some of us have rather chunkier honkers. It’s not brought back enough from the LCD. If that’s a touchscreen, then mashing your nose against it might have more serious effects than leaving a smear of sweaty grease on the film door used to…

    (And I know it’s not pushed out on my current camera, but that’s just a compact instead of this kind of big superzoom jobbie, and the viewfinder is slightly offset. I can hold that up to my eye and not actually dirty up the screen (…though the side of it may be a different matter!)