Shooting iPhone 4 HD Video at 1000 Feet

A few guys in Los Angeles recently convinced their friend to let them borrow his new iPhone 4 (that he waited 4.5 in line for), and got onto a rooftop with the help of another friend. Using some large helium balloons, they attached the iPhone and started recording 720p video of downtown LA as it rose up to 1000 feet into the air on the end of a kite string. They also made a fun behind-the-scenes video of their project.

This setup is definitely cheaper than an RC plane or helicopter, and somewhat safer and more stable than a kite.

  • Emil Brown

    They should've used another iPhone4 and FaceTimed the flight!

  • Audi

    That was pretty crap

  • Alejandro Matos

    crap indeed

  • CarlS

    Maybe not the best place to start flight right next to the radio transmitter. But over all a creative fun project.

  • Dj Nomore

    ha ha, bunch of nerds and their failed viral attempt.