Facebook Adding Face Detection to Its Photos App

Looks like Facebook’s recent acquisition of Divvyshot was not for naught.

In a post on the Facebook blog yesterday, Divvyshot founder Sam Odio announced that Facebook is adding the same face detection features found in many consumer cameras to its uber-popular Facebook Photos app.

Previously, users had to manually select each face found in a photograph to tag it with a friend’s name, but now the service will automatically select each face and prompt you for the name, streamlining the process and making it much easier for uploaders.

I’m guessing we’ll soon see features added that promote collaboration and pooling together photographs as a group to a shared pool, similar to what Divvyshot offered prior to the acquisition and shutdown.

  • sesser

    Just what Facebook needs. Face detection. Good thing I've deleted my account.

  • Michelle

    LoL @Sesser… Anyways I'm impressed. I look forward to this coming out, though I suspect it will be sometime before it rolls out to everyone.

  • Guillaume Martin

    I really wonder how Facebook will manage to add collaboration on its photos and to deal will everyone privacy ?? By the way, does someone have news about Divvyshot, it seems their website is still up though they announced that the service would have been shut down 1 month ago ?