Digital Holga Concept for a New Generation of Hipsters

Holga D is a concept camera by India-based industrial designer Saikat Biswas that brings the plastic, medium-format Holga camera into the digital age.

The cheap toy camera design retains the optical jankiness that lures hipsters to this type of camera (i.e. vignetting, blurring, and light leaks), but a DSLR-caliber sensor inside ensures that the anomalies are optical rather than digital.

Like the Holga of old, the design is extremely minimalistic:

All the controls you need — such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture — are found as simple dials on the top of the body and on the lens.

The camera is powered by standard AA batteries, and uses an SD card to store photographs.

Head on over to Biswas’s website to check out additional images and descriptions of the concept.

Is this a camera you would buy if it were made available?

(via Wired)

  • Alberto Chavez

    Saw this one on Monoscope and I loved it… nice concept :)

  • Marcello Sokal

    For sure!

  • Nonlinear Girl

    I love my holga. Whether I'd buy a digital one would likely depend on cost (especially since I have a diana lens for my slr).

  • dijea

    I love it.

  • Kook

    I don't know. Part of the appeal of the Holga is that is has no controls. Making it work bare bones is my thing. If you can set aperture and shutter speed, it's not really a Holga IMO.

  • Jan Fredrik

    Whoa, it's the emperor's new digital clothes!

  • alx ab

    If it comes with a medium format sensor it will cost a whole lotta bucks.

  • Newberry

    i agree. big sensor means it would probably cost as much as a Leica rangefinder.

  • Surly

    I love the idea but it would have to be in the $100-$200 range or I surely would be looking for something more like a G11. It is cool.

  • Benjabitt


  • Bryan Davidson

    Strangely, the control scheme (analog controls for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO) is better than most cameras that have been released for a long time. Put a good prime lens on this and make it out of metal and you've got a hit.

  • Dave Re

    Totally love the idea, and would buy one if the price were right!

  • Tiger

    the only thing new here is the mock-up; many Holga and Diana fans have been wishing for digital versions since digital cameras became a reality. the article also makes a couple of erroneous implications – namely that “hipsters” are the only people drawn to these cameras (many professionals have whole collections of them, as no two produce the same results), and the phrase “the Holga of old” implies that such cameras are out of production, while in fact you have but to search “holga” at to get an idea of how many models are currently produced.

    speaking of those professionals’ collections, that’s another reason a digital version would need to be inexpensive: so that one could buy a number of them rather than be limited to the optical quirks of just one or two.

  • GOBO

    how to purchase ?

  • Vanessa Myers

    I would love to have this. so much fun.

  • Jesse Hanowell

    I like how there is no LCD.  Random algorithms could ensure that digital HOLGA filters could be applied to each image at totally random intervals would be cool, kind of like the iphony.  But it needs a hot shoe like the HOLGA, and janky viewfinder.  And it needs to be metalic like at least and it would be a real hit.  10MP or higher just for smoothness and a price point of $150-200, SMASH hit.   

  • grrrr

    nobody will ever make an all manual digital camera and if they did it wouldnt be any less expensive than a regular digital camera
    if it gets branded an artists camera it will be more expensive probably

  • nextstopbombay

    I have longed for a Nikon FM3a in a digital version, exactly the same in all aspects except that the film is exchanged for a sensor, but no display. That I would buy in a second regardless of price (almost). This concept seems to come close. I’d buy the Holga D!