Win an Absolutely Massive Gift Certificate to Glas Apparel

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner was randomly selected and announced below.

Fresh off the heels of the lens rental giveaway we did last week, we’re giving away a $300 gift certificate to Glas Apparel. The brand is designed around “glass”, or the lens of a camera, and many of their designs are based on this theme.

Check out their store for an idea of what you can use the money towards.

To enter, all you need to do is:

Tell us what you enjoy doing in your free time besides photography

There are two ways to enter, and doing both methods will give you 2 entries in the contest, and thus double the chance the win!

  1. Leave your response as a comment
  2. Tweet your response, and include the following link to this post anywhere in the tweet:

    As long as the link appears in the tweet, you’ll be automatically entered in the contest.

This contest will end Friday, July 2nd, 2010. We’ll randomly pick a winner using and update this post. Good luck!

Update: Sorry for not mentioning it before but, like the previous giveaway, shipping is to the US only (I guess you can have it shipped to someone in the US and then shipped to you).

Update 2: This giveaway is now over. We received 90 comment entries and 47 tweet entries for 137 entries total. The randomly selected winner is…

#96: @iljatulit

Hip-Hop and House dance.

Congratulations! Please email [email protected] to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest! Check back soon for more awesome giveaways.

A big thanks to Glas for providing the gift certificate for this giveaway!

  • Elaine Young

    i dont really do it in my free time per say, but i do enjoy it. i like to box, ive been boxing for a while and have recently gone to muay thai, its different and really gets you pumping, there are also a lot of girls in my club which is nice :)

  • Hangten10

    Hiking or even walking around parts of the city I don't frequent often. Biking, cooking…

  • Josh Harris

    I enjoy hiking, snowboarding (and teaching it!), running/biking/swimming, climbing, target shooting, electronics, FPS's, graphic design, and people!

  • mykllynyrd

    I enjoy hanging out with my wife.


    Mountain biking, snowboarding, making music, and graphic design (… I love it all!

  • GAP

    swimming, paddleboard racing, chilling, drinking mexican beer, and surfing, what else is there to life?

  • Susan H Hwang

    i like sewing, baking, bike riding, motorcycle riding, watching b&w movies, vintage shopping, learning new things :)

  • Alec G Photo

    i like to make music and work my ass off to support my photography addiction

  • JCliff Dalman

    I hop in my Trikke and roam around the neighborhood

  • Natalia Chekhovska

    coffee time with my favorite people!

  • Eugene

    I read books.

  • Matt Holland

    D&D, Lego, computer games!

  • Joe A. in Phx.

    Besides photography? Girls, girls, girls… my second money pit.

  • rilobilly

    Right now, most of my free time is eaten up by school. Trying to snazzy up my Photoshop skills. Haha. But when I'm not slaving away at school, I really like to be crafty. My current obsession is knitting and crochet. I'm terrible at it and rarely finish any projects, but its something fun to do! :]]

  • Lolo

    In my free time i like woodworking and sports. But photography takes a lot of free time.

  • Nathan

    photography usually takes up most of my free time…but if not photography, then it would have to be any one of the sports with a board…namely longboarding, surfing, snowboarding. =D

  • Pswann

    I like to ride my bike.

  • jen

    gardening and growing stuff to take pictures of

  • Shelzer

    I wish I had MORE free time for photography! My personal project list just grows, grows, and grows!

  • ajw93

    Reading books, on my balcony, with a nice cold beer. Going for walks in my neighborhood, but I always have my iPhone as a photo sketch pad…

  • molachai

    i play in a band. :)

  • Steve

    Spending time with the kids or playing video games is usually where I'll be when not holding a camera.

  • Carlos

    Road cycling and mountain biking.

  • *safe solventâ„¢

    i enjoy shooting video, which ironically is comprised of photography essentially being 24 frames to a second of video :)

  • Trenton Miller

    My free time is my work. I work as a Job Developer and Job Coach for homeless adults in Washington State, when I am not at my office, I am supporting other individuals acheive their dream.

  • Lori

    I'm addicted to Beatles Rock Band.

  • briana

    I like to read in my free time, play with my dogs, my parrot… hang out with my friends… and I love riding my bike… but I always have my camera handy… its a part of my life!

  • Littlekicks

    I enrich whatever little free time I have by reading up on the current events in and political histories of my areas of political interest, brushing up on my foreign languages, learning how to cook traditional Georgian (The Republic of Georgia) from my mom and my grandmas, and hanging around with the people I love the most (my family and my friends).

  • Minta

    I like hiking through the woods(although the camera is usually with me).

  • Ejames2492

    I've taken classes and am told I've improved tenfold. I'm going to be majoring in photography in callege in the fall. I love taking photos, its not only a hobby to me, its a lifestyle.

  • JazMinderr

    why is everything always to US? :(

  • G-photography

    I do outreach in the inner cities of Los Angeles

  • MW

    Sketching, designing web pages, coding, film making.

  • Jude

    Sea kayaking, bodysurfing, skiiing.

  • TM Bigrigg

    I am a huge fan of role playing games and progressive jazz music.

  • T_hen

    watching movies

  • Surly

    I like to play the drums and ride my motorcycle. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't have any free time.

  • Tboyajian

    in my free time, I sail or run sailboat races!

  • Jennifer

    Reading, camping, fishing, scoutig out new locations.

  • GlossGreen

    Free time is few and far between, but when I'm not attempting to get better at photography I'm spending time with the family. Or the internet, whichever happens to be awake at the same time I am.

  • Joe

    What is “free time”?

  • Bob v.

    Skate, bikes, Bar

  • Brandon

    I like playing video games and playing outside.

  • Neil Lall


  • stingrei

    In my free time I read, write, read photoessays, click petapixel links, delude myself and surrounding people that into thinking I'm doing work.

  • videoflyer

    In my free time….I'm looking for full-time work. Not that that's what I LIKE to do with my free time. I'm just sayin'.

  • Woodworking project plans

    Sports and any outdoor activities. Racquetball, softball, football, kayaking, camping, hiking. Love it all!