Police Raid in the UK Uncovers 20,000 Fake Camera Cases

Police in England recently raided a Bowdon house to find 22,000 fake camera cases worth an estimated £500,000.

Messenger Newspapers reports that the cases were branded as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax and Kodak. A 40-year-old man at the residence was also taken into custody.

His downfall came when Canon discovered the counterfeit bags being sold online and conducted a number of “sting” purchases, passing on the information they discovered to authorities.

Something else that caught our eye about this story was that the police also discovered counterfeit camera lenses at the residence. All of us have obviously heard of fake bags before, but counterfeit lenses? I’d like to see one of those.

(via Imaging Insider)

Image credit: Camera case by Peter Hellberg

  • Dixon Marshall

    Can I bid on the seized goods?


  • Jordan

    Nikon has had warnings for years against 'grey-market' camera equipment, and I'm pretty sure I got stung with a grey-market memory card whilst in China.. My understanding is that this is equipment that is produced during factory downtime (after-hours) and is labeled under various brands. I've definitely seen this (in Asia again) with clothing and other cloth goods, so it seems entirely plausible that this could happen with lenses too..!

  • Procentjetwintig

    It says in the press statement that items were sold 'via an online auction site which Canon and its registered suppliers do not sell through.'

    This is not true, canon has an ebay account to sell refurbished and overstock.

  • bruce

    I would imagine there was an error in the statement, and that they authorities recovered fake camera lens Cases…