Photozini Helps You Easily Make a Magazine from Your Photos

Companies that help you print and make things with your photographs are a dime a dozen, but Photozini‘s super easy magazine creation process caught our eye.

Their goal seems to be to take all the work out of turning your photographs into a nice magazine, and allow even those who are utterly computer-challenged to do so. Here’s a diagram found on the website showing how the service works:

After purchasing the Photozini kit for $40, they send you a Photozini USB card on which you can put up to 150 photographs. You then mail it in using their prepaid return envelope, and receive a photo magazine in about 3 weeks.

So much of the work is done for you that you don’t have a say on how the resulting magazine will look, but this could be a great way to quickly turn your vacation or event photographs into a nice magazine without spending hours on designing the pages yourself.

  • Wordyless

    This is a no, especially if it looks like the image in step 3.

  • Tina Jackleson

    I had pics from a trip to Germany and Egypt that were sitting around for years – I got one of these kits, tossed the photos onto the usb card, sent it away – and voila! I got all of those photos in a magazine that I can now actually share with friends and family. It couldn't have been easier!