Samsung 20mm f/2 Pancake Lens Picture Leaked? Not Quite

A rumor making its rounds today is that a photograph of an upcoming Samsung NX 20mm f/2 pancake lens was leaked. The photo (shown above) looks pretty legit, and does not seem to be obviously fake or “photoshopped”.

Well, in the thread on PentaxForums where the image was posted yesterday, someone pointed out that the “leaked photo” looks suspiciously like the Samsung 30mm.

After doing a quick search on Google images, the following image of the 30mm turned up:

It was originally posted in a review over at PhotoReview Australia.

The photos look strikingly similar, huh? To put the final nail in the coffin, lets do the auto-align trick I wrote about in a post I did earlier on detecting fake stamps. Hover your mouse over the following image to compare them:

Now we see clearly that the 20mm was changed to 30mm, 43 changed to 40, and 1:2 shifted over a bit.

Faked “leaks” are often simply pictures of existing products that were edited to look like some upcoming model. If you have an idea of what the original photo was, it’s easy to confirm your suspicions by overlaying one image on top of the other in Photoshop.

  • Firelight3d

    Sounds like the recent D4 frenzy over in Nikonland. The Nikon incident much funnier. A young lady emailed a 3D render of a Nikon D4 to a friend, and before she knew it, was out on the web. The young lady who did the 3D model does awesome professional calibre work, so it's easy to see why so many got fooled. Link to my comments here
    with links to more pics.

    Back to the pancake – these guys sit on the web all day and whip themselves into a frenzy about stuff. I just sit back, continue with my work and have a good laugh. When the stuff comes out, it comes out. Wishing it will not make it happen.

    You have a great Friday!