Camera+ is the Latest “Ultimate” Photo App for the iPhone

There seems to be a growing trend of professional photographers teaming up with developers to create the “ultimate” photography application for the iPhone. In September 2009, photographer Chase Jarvis teamed up with Ubermind to create The Best Camera, an ecosystem that revolves around the Best Camera iPhone application.

Now, Lisa Bettany of has partnered with Taptaptap to create Camera+, an “ultimate” photo app that aims to upgrade your iPhone photography. Development of the application took over a year. Here’s a sample photograph posted on the website:

The app, priced at $2.99 like Best Camera, includes features such as a stabilizer and dozens of 1-touch effects to enhance your photos. Here’s a short video in which Bettany introduces the application:

If you decide to try out the app, let us know how you like it!

Camera+ …the ultimate photo app (via MostlyLisa)

  • dave m.

    that shirt is going to sell a lot of apps…

  • joedyndale

    Seriously beautiful woman. Hard to concentrate on the app… Yeah, I've been single too long…

  • Kevin

    You used a Flash video to demonstrate an iPhone app. :facepalm:

  • Tyler Wainright

    If this app does noise reduction – I'm sold.

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    This app rules but I’m too scared to upgrade it. I still have the old version that uses the actually silver volumes buttons on the camera as a shutter instead of awkwarding holding the iPhone to get a shot hah this app rules