Google Turns Their Homepage into a Picture Frame

Google has a new feature that photographers may enjoy: you can now customize the Google homepage with your own photography. Visit the Google homepage, and you should see a “Change background image” link on the bottom left hand corner of the page. If you don’t see this link, try logging out of Google and then visiting the page.

You can use images from a preset collection, a public gallery, your Picasa account, or your computer via upload. If you can’t see this feature for some reason, it should be rolled out to you shortly.

  • Steve Taylor

    Great idea, but it only works on not the local googles

  • Joumasehare

    Smells like Bing

  • Paavani

    idea is directly copied from Microsoft Bing.

  • Kvsude

    who minds Bing. n Microsofts

  • Faiz

    Old idea from Bing. Not surprised though.

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  • Paul

    Also not available outsidethe US for a few days. Cool idea though.

  • Chris51496

    imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  • MortenBNielsen

    Why do we need this feature? We love Google because its simple to use not for some unnecessary features..

  • Logan

    I'd also like to be able to use it without having to submit the image to Picassa.

  • ajw93

    annoyingly, not available in opera. urgh.

  • Balde Digital

    Hm, it looks kinda strange here…