Ultra Slow-Motion Clips from Maker Faire

Gosh, if I had access to a HD camera capable of ultra-slow motion, I suppose this is the kind of stuff I’d play around with too. The above video shows various experiments at super slow speeds shot with a Phantom camera at this year’s Maker Faire. What would you record if you had access to an ultra-slow motion camera?

(via Boing Boing)

  • Ranger 9

    If I faked together a convincing-looking mockup of an ultra-slow-motion camera, I wonder how many people I could scam into letting me throw water balloons at their heads? Now THERE'S an experiment!

  • Michael Zhang

    Oh shoot. You should go to Maker Faire next year and do that. The resulting video might be hilarious.

  • mijonju

    reminds me of that condom campaign LOL ;)

  • Joshua Verbrugge

    how doo the ballons not burst??

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