7 Easy Steps for Instant Cashback on Photo Gear Using eBay

A while ago my friend discovered Microsoft’s Bing Cashback program, which provides instant savings for “qualified” purchases. What’s neat is that any eBay purchase made with “Buy It Now” and paid using PayPal qualifies for the savings. After he discovered this, my friend bought Canon 5Ds in bulk on eBay and sold them on craigslist for a profit.

I just bought a used 5D yesterday on eBay for $1200, and instantly saved about $100 using this method. Here it is as a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Search for the Product on Bing

Head on over to Microsoft’s Bing search engine to search for your product.

2. Click the Sponsored eBay Link

In many cases you’ll find the link in the sponsored sites box. If you don’t, just type in something else until you do find an eBay link (i.e. “Canon 5D”). It doesn’t need to be the item you’re looking to purchase. As long as you enter eBay through a sponsored link on Bing you’ll be qualified for cashback.

2. Check the Top of the Page

At this point, there should e a special “Microsoft Cashback” graphic at the top of the page, with the text “Must use Buy It Now and PayPal”. As long as you see this, you’re good to go. If you don’t enter eBay through the sponsored link on Bing, you won’t see this and you won’t be participating in the program.

3. Find Your Item

You can now search for any item you’d like to buy, using eBay just like you normally would. You have 60 minutes to find and buy what you’re looking for before the cashback expires. If it does expire, all you need to do is start over and reenter eBay through Bing. It’s really that easy!

Since the program requires that you Buy It Now, it makes sense to filter by Buy It Now listings, and to sort by price from lowest to highest.

4. Purchase the Item Using Buy It Now

Make sure the special graphic at the top from Step 2 is still visible. If it is, click “Buy It Now” to purchase the item.

5. Check the Review Page

After clicking the “Buy It Now” button, eBay takes you to a confirmation page to allow you to review what you’re getting into. If you’ve done the previous steps correctly, this page will also have a special “Microsoft cashback” box that tells you exactly how much cash you’re going to get back with the purchase. If everything looks right, hit the “Commit to Buy” button to make the purchase final.

6. Pay Using PayPal

Pay for the item like you normally would using PayPal. As long as you pay using PayPal, you’ll get the cashback.

7. Sign Up for the Bing Cashback Program

Once you’ve purchased the item, you’ll receive an eBay message in your account telling you to check your Microsoft Cashback page. If you don’t have one, you can create one at this time. Make sure you create your account through the link provide in the message.

The signup is very fast and simple.

You will soon find the cashback amount show up on your account. Ordinarily, cashback takes 60 days. However, if you sign up for an account beforehand, you can go into your Microsoft Cashback settings and join the “quick cashback program.” This allows you to have the cash sent to your PayPal account very shortly after the purchase (sometimes immediately).

That’s it! What’s great about this program is that you can use it for anything on eBay as long as you use Buy It Now and PayPal. After buying the 5D yesterday, I used the program to purchase a VGA adapter for my MacBook Pro, and saved 8% on that as well in addition to the low 3rd-party price I found on eBay.

Good luck, and leave a comment letting us know how it goes!

  • Helnes

    Nice :) I'll check this out. Hopefully I'll find the new lens I want with cashback

  • Michael Zhang

    What's great is that the 8% doesn't have to be off the retail price. It can be an 8% savings on an already ridiculous deal if you find one :-)

  • ebay gordon

    woo hoo this is going to make my camera hoarding problem even worse. :)

  • Samat Jain

    Bing's Cashback program has made it difficult to find deals. It's artificially increased prices on eBay some 8-10%, because sellers now know that buyers can use Cashback to get discounts on any Buy-it-Now auction.

  • Brian G

    I have used this method twice now for a cashback of about $300 between the purchase of a new 5dmark2 and a Canon 35L. When all is said and done I will have saved about $500 from the next nearest (reputable) online retailer. Only thing to watch out for is “grey market” stuff without a USA warranty which there seems to be a fair amount of. I signed up for the “instant cashback” but it's still making me wait so I guess it just depends. If you're going to buy it anyway, might as well take the 2 extra seconds to go through bing and get some money back. Pretty cool.

  • Mark

    does this work for non USA customers? or is it just USA specific?

  • Babybokchoy888

    Great tip. Sometimes I get lazy and just claim up to the regular 8% cash back that bing offers. Big Crumbs also give up to 36% cash back. It's easiest to just compare the cash back sites on

  • JazMinderr

    the sponsored links arent showing up on mine! :-(

  • Michael Zhang

    Hey, it doesn't matter what item you search for on Bing, since all you need is to enter eBay through Bing for the program to be in effect. Once you're in eBay, you can search for whatever item you're REALLY looking for.

    Try searching for Canon 5D on bing to have the eBay link show up.

  • JazMinderr

    I tried it but it doesnt work.. i think this is only for US residents? because also when I tried opening a bing account through my live ID it doesnt give an option to change the country from United States to UK. :-(

    I just tried entering it now through the .com site but its still not showing up..

    so yeah you need to clarify its for US only :(

  • Victormu

    The program will be cancelled as of July 30th. There will a sale on Fathers day