Vicon Revue Brings the Harry Potter Pensieve to Our World

In the Harry Potter series, a Pensieve is a magical stone that allows people to store and replay memories. While photography helps us store moments, there’s obviously quite a bit of life that slips through the cracks. The Revue by Vicon is a wearable camera that passively takes photographs through the day to document your life.

Based on Microsoft’s SenseCam project, the device snaps photos based on either an internal sensor or using a 30-second interval. While it’s currently a research tool to help people who suffer from memory impairment, if the device were made unobtrusive enough, it may become popular with people who’d like to keep a photo log of their day to day life.

Here’s an example of a day captured using the Revue:

As disk storage becomes cheaper and cheaper, future versions of this kind of device might record HD video and sound. A neat project might be to create a photoblog and publish a 24-hour timelapse every day of the year.

The Revue is available for purchase, but its current price of £500 (~$700) will surely deter most potential buyers.

  • scopique

    Just remember to take it off before heading into the bathroom. Unless you're into that kind of thing.

  • Jon

    One good picture invokes alot more memories and emotions than 100 bad ones.

  • White Hot Phoenix

    Interesting, but there has been an art project software for S60 mobile phones since at least 2006 called Waymarkr. The official website is not responding right now but here is an article from We Make Money Not Art:

  • Gnuboss

    Add sharing straight from the device and we're cooking with gas.