SteadePod is the Ferrari of String Stabilizers

The SteadePod is a fancy new camera stabilizer that aims to replace heavy and burdensome tripods for casual, walk-around use. “Fancy” is relative, since this gadget is pretty much a glorified string “tripod” that you can make yourself for about $1. You simply extend the string, step on it, pull up, and use the string tension to stabilize your camera.

So what does the SteadePod do that a simple string stabilizer can’t? It’s retractable, swivels for portrait and landscape flexibility, and can be locked at different lengths. These fancy features will set you back a mere £29.99 ($44). If that’s a bit steep for you, a DIY $1 version should do just fine.

  • Gary

    Or, you could just learn to hold the camera still… A solution looking for a problem.

  • shog

    ola, on a réalisé un test du steadepod en fr, ici ==>

  • Brian

    Would you pay $44 more for a DSLR if they would add this feature to the camera body? I would. Let's get the camera makers to take it to the next step.

  • Michael Zhang

    Haha, an extendable string coming out of the bottom of a DSLR?

  • scott

    might as well add a tape measure also, lol !

  • JessicaLum

    But does it have a leveler?
    If iPhones/Droids have motion/positional sensitivity, I can see them including a leveling feature in DSLRs or even point and shoot.

  • Guestdude

    I hope what the title of this article is implying is not that Ferraris are just overpriced normal cars