Sneak Peek at Lens Correction Feature in Lightroom and Camera Raw

Tom Hogarty, the Lightroom product manager over at Adobe, has posted a sneak peek at the automatic lens correction technology that will be included in Lightroom 3 and Adobe Camera Raw 6 (included in CS5).

Using profiles for lenses that are either included or added by the user, the feature can automatically correct the distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting characteristics of particular lenses, helping you to “normalize” how your work looks across your various lenses.

John Ncak, the Photoshop product manager, writes on his blog:

With the introduction of killer new noise reduction, demosaicing algorithms, and sharpening plus sophisticated lens correction, the Lightroom/Camera Raw duo put even more distance between themselves and the competition, and I’d expect them to keep mopping the floor with Aperture among pro photographers.

As you can see from this quote and from recent events, Adobe and Apple absolutely love each other.

Here’s a pretty interesting sneak peek video showing you the lens correction technology in action:

  • michald

    I can't wait for Lightroom 3. The jump from L1 to L2 was huge, this one promises to be even more spectacular. Do we know the release date?

  • Meekohi

    Nice, this feature has been a long time coming!

  • vbatista

    Something which DXO optics pro already does for years now :P

  • Saurabh

    Brilliant. Loved the feature.

  • J Amado Photography

    I love this feature! I use it on most of my images. Please feel free to take a look…

  • Dj_DrAcO

    Hope to use it soon, as a Camera RAW lover. You can see some of my humble work here: