Blending the Pencil with the Camera

Pencil Vs Camera! is a wonderful series of photographs by Belgian photographer and painter Ben Heine in which he blends his pencil sketches with photographs to create new realities:

Heine tells us,

Pencil vs. Camera! is the continuation of many years of graphic research. These pictures show not only the battle between photography and drawing, but also between reality and imagination. I think this work can lead to many different forms of expression, because it gives a clear message while traveling into surreal worlds in the same time.

To see more of Heine’s work, check out his Flickr photostream.

Image credits: Photographs by Ben Heine and used with permission

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  • kevjohn

    I've always said, if I could draw I wouldn't need a damn camera! ;)
    Great works, Heine.

  • jackrapid

    Great concept, but is it really pencil vs camera? Looks much more like they were drawn with a tablet rather than a pencil. Still impressive but not quite the same.

  • Daniel Kramer

    Another photographer that has come up with something new and creative… Great stuff!

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