“So Long & Farewell” by Neville Black Wins Adorama iPhone Contest

Adorama announced today that “So Long & Farewell” by Neville Black was picked as the grand prize winner of the first annual iPhone Photo Contest, which comes with a $1,000 gift certificate as the prize.

Black tells us,

I’m a photographer based in Ottawa Ontario Canada (moved from Vancouver BC recently) and I’m still in awe at some of the architecture in the capital. I’ve shot most of it all before with my SLR but when I picked up the iPhone 3Gs to add to my camera collection, it was like rediscovering photography. The iPhone is in a world of its own, its amazing. I created this photo with TiltShift, DXP (blurry shampoo bottles made the sky) and my favorite app I pretty much use for all my shots, Lo-Mob.

The photograph was selected from more than 17,000 submissions by the team of seven judges.

To see the other photographs picked by the judges, check out the list of prize winners. Congrats Neville!

Image credit: Photograph by Neville Black and used with permission

  • Liz

    Although I think this photo is great, among the deserving winners were some plain awful pictures! Is it just me?

  • Eugene

    That's a beautiful shot!

  • Alessandro Casagli

    The first prize winner may deserved to win, but I bet noone chosen the winning pictures. I say this because there are TONS of crappy photo in the winners, and I took a way more good looking photos than that. I may overestimate myself, and still have better pictures than the winners. check them out, there are here and here Shame on judges.