4G iPhone Boasts Front Camera and Flash

The big news in the tech/gadget world is that an Apple iPhone 4G prototype was found lost in a Redwood City, California bar, disguised in a plastic case to look exactly like an iPhone 3Gs.

It found its way to gadget blog Gizmodo, who then proceeded to photograph it and disassemble it. Their conclusion? It’s real.

What’s neat is that Apple has introduced quite a few new photography features in the yet-to-be-announced iPhone. It boasts a front-facing camera, an improved rear facing camera with a larger lens, and a built in flash on the back of the phone.

The camera also has a larger sensor, and new physical volume buttons that suggest the camera can be controlled with a physical shutter button. It’s pretty clear Apple realizes that the iPhone has replaced compact cameras for many people, and is therefore delivering features people expect in a camera for casual use.

For more on the non-photography related developments, go read the post on Gizmodo.

What do you think of these new features?

  • Kaouthia

    See, now you confused me when you said it had flash. ;)

  • Dale Kamp

    It was just found in a bar? That's hard to believe.

  • Michael Zhang

    Yeah, they probably won't ever have that kind of Flash. Haha.

  • dpollitt

    As far as a built in “flash” or flash type device, this is something the iPhone really needs to keep up with the competition. They also need to up the game on the resolution to something like 5-8MP.

    If the next generation does end up including a forward facing camera for video conferencing type applications, this could be a pretty huge advancement for mobile phones.

  • Kaouthia

    I don't really think the resolution is an issue. A 6MP camera can produce very nice 8×10 prints. This whole megapixel race is all marketing for all intents and purposes.

    Sure, there's the whole Chase Jarvis following that's doing the whole iPhone camera thing, but nobody's actually using one for serious work and large prints, and it's unlikely to happen in the future. Almost all iPhone images only end up on the web, if anywhere outside of the phone itself.

  • ProGear Photographic

    “Apple realizes that the iPhone has replaced compact cameras for many people” – yes, but more pertinently, I think Apple realises that the mobile phone market is not one in which they can mask inferior functionality with style and perceived desirability, like they've done in the personal computer market since the beginning of time (how long before they switched to Intel?), and where it was still feasible business-wise. Hopefully this realisation will filter into their other product ranges. Maybe we will some day see a MagicMouse with two buttons. Maybe.

    That said, I agree megapixels aren't everything – especially in a phone cameras. It's all down to the quality of the sensor, which because it's limited by size and weight, is hard to achieve. But as PetaPixel reported some time back, new tech promises to fix this.

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