Pultizer Prize Winning Photographer Foils Bank Robbery with Bear Hug

On Monday afternoon, just hours after the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced, Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer Kim Komenich was standing at a Wells Fargo bank in San Jose, California when he noticed the man in front of him hand the teller a note. As the teller began to empty a cash drawer, Komenich proceeded to wrap his arms around the robber in a stifling bear hug.

San Jose Mercury News reports that,

Police found Komenich and Fernandes still entwined in their awkward embrace. They quickly arrested Fernandes and his two suspected accomplices, who had remained in the customer waiting area. They were later booked on robbery charges. No gun was ever found.

Komenich, an assistant professor at San Jose State University, is no stranger to dangerous situations. In 1987, while working for the San Francisco Examiner, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Spot News Photography for his coverage of the Philippine Revolution and the fall of Ferdinand Marcos.

(via Gawker)

  • Kiem

    Excellent story and a brave man.

  • Vera Marks

    “No gun was ever found” Sounds a lot like they're trying to find a gun to blame it on to me. Why even bring that up? People rob banks while unarmed all the time, or even with just knives. It doesn't work as well but most banks have policies against resistance. The media is always looking for a gun to blame. When they ban guns they'll come after cameras.

  • Verc

    Vera — If you had read the original story you would have seen that the note the robber gave to the teller claimed that he had a gun. Thus, they were looking for a gun. Look before you leap.

  • David

    It makes more sense if you read it in the context of the original article. The note the would-be robber gave the teller said that he had a gun.

  • Erik Turner

    even if the note had nothing to do with a gun, being upset about the fact that the article said no gun was found is ridiculous. Please take your antiquated 2nd amendment rights and follow rush out of the country.

  • Andre Vospette

    Please take your antiquated 1st amendment rights and….oh, never mind.

  • Andre Vospette

    Please take your antiquated 1st amendment rights and….oh, never mind.