Hip Camera Holsters Batman Would Approve Of

Apparently, there are plenty of people who find a traditional camera strap to be a (pardon the pun) pain in the neck.

Italian company CPtech recently announced a camera holster design, the B-grip. It’s a strap-free contraption screws in to the camera body like a tripod head, and then is clipped into a holster for a belt — a utility belt, perhaps?

The whole idea is that the camera can be quickly released or carried securely against the photographer’s body. The B-grip will run you about $50.

The B-grip will probably create some competition for Shai Gear’s similar belt holster, the Spider Holster, which looks and sounds more like a Bruce Wayne-Peter Parker collaboration. Unlike the B-grip, the Spider Holster doesn’t actually clip in; it slides in and out for easy access.

The Spider Holster has been out for about a year now and costs about $110 — if they’re in stock.

Personally, I don’t trust my butterfingers with a strapless camera; I usually wrap the strap around my hand several times if it’s not around my neck or shoulder.

What are your thoughts? Are you a strap-free daredevil or are you a seasoned strap-manager?

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    Certainly like the look of the Spider over the B-grip. Being a fat person, the holster style would be a problem. I'd prefer a sling over a belt. Perhaps Spider should make a sling style, too.

  • MeloCreative

    Use the Spider everyday. Will never use a strap again. Now they need to make a belt with double holster.

  • jackrapid

    Spider Holster is the most innovative camera accessory to be released for years in my opinion. Have used it on every job for the last 6 months and love it. The freedom it gives you, especially on lengthy assignments, is amazing.

    Just like the comment above I'll never use a neck strap again – however I'd recommend a handstrap (eg, Canon E1) to make holding the camera more comfortable.

  • Ron Heerkens Jr

    I've been thinking about getting one of the Spiders to give it a test run, but like you I fear my butterfingers trait will come into play. Adding in the added weight, I think I would have to get a more secure belt so I don't have any mishaps. I have gone strapless on many occasions, but find that wrapping it around my hand makes me feel a bit safer on my investment.

  • lolovroom

    Same as you, the strap around the arms as tight as possible.
    Probably some strap that may transform into a holder quickly would be nice.

  • Andrea

    The b-grip does not dangle even if you run, jump or simply walk. The revolutionary concept is to have the camera direcly “gripped” to the body, this solution reduces the sensation of weight and makes everything more comfortable. Fits on pants belt or additional belt of every kind.
    Moreover it protects lenses when placing the camera on a surface, there are many ways of using it, including as a macro monopod, a waterproof cover is included in the kit.
    Made of solid and high quality Durethan resin with the most innovative molding tecniques.
    Devoloped an built in Italy and checked one by one.


  • QuimaxW

    Awesome! This is so going on my anniversay present (my birthday has come and gone) wish list. I despise the shoulder straps, I find that the camera always hangs at an awkward spot on my chest and I end up shoving the camera back in my shoulder bag just between shots as I'm walking around. I'm paranoid of it falling out of the bag, so I zip the bag to. This would solve my problems of carrying around the camera!

  • QuBe

    Very cool!! The quick release is brilliant – especially with a palm strap (which I use).
    Although, for scrambling on hiking trails, I think I'd mod it to be used bandolier fashion so I could keep the cameras from getting flailed around too much on the hips.

  • Alexis Rafael Lam

    I would like to see the B-Grip with 2 5D MK II + Battery Grip + LLens 24-70 + 580EX II Flash + RadioPopper …. how come everyone test the B-Grip without a FLASH on a Wedding Event Spider Holster looks cool but your camera will swing if you walk B-Grip made out of some kind of hard Plastic and the quick release plate doesn't work with any of the manfrotto tripod … the Spider is 100% alloy steel super strong and if you want you can screw your manfrotto or other brand name quick release plate on it …

  • Alexis Rafael Lam

    One more I forgot to mention the B-Grip you need both of your hand to remove the Camera and the lens change are very dumb you will get all dust inside of your camera the Spider Holster very fast in and out one pin slide easy with one hand hope these help….

  • Kentozazen

    Hello Alexis , with the due respect I disagree with some of your phrases.
    B-grip is made to enhance agility , light and fast use without neck lacing. If one needs battery grip + big flash + very heavy lens + radiopopper …well my advise is that he needs a radically different way of carring, not a neck strap, not a b-grip…may be a big backpack and some additional bag.
    I agree when you say that Spyder H. will make your equipmente noisy swinging and on contrary b-grip keeps the system firmly gripped without any dangling.
    The b-grip quick release plate works fine with a Manfrotto pl200 you can see it in the pack shot video in home page of
    About alloy steel well I can assure you that alloy is not more tecnical than the special Bayer resin loaded with glass microspheres by which is composed the b-grip. I should say that b-grip material is more technical, high termal and acid resistance, anti scratch surface, lightweight and more…
    Yes you are right one needs two hand to remove the camera from b-grip, and this is tha safest way to manage a camera…always with two hands, never saw a photographer using one hand to take picture.
    About the dust inside you can keep the camera with the opening facing down, anyway there is one important aspect that many users seems to ignore: the dust does not go inside the camera because of the gravity… but because of electrostatic forces and they are not conditioned by the position of the camera but manly by the air impurity of the place you are.

  • Shai

    Spider Holster will be coming out with a version of Spider for lighter cameras.. The many benefits of our system will be in sharper contrast then.
    Spider Holster

  • Alexis Rafael Lam

    Hi Andrea you are so funny I don't need a backpack to carry my GEARS let me ask you just one question are you a Professional Photographer or just another enthusiastic who's playing with CHEAP stuff….? we are Professional Photographer and we can buy expensive GEARS we don't waist time on prototype and low end gears, you see clients paid me for my talent $$$$ and my Arts so I can spend on expensive toys see I can buy a Ferrari but you just can afford an Honda I'm sorry for you … definitely SPIDER Holster make you look COOL and I'll order not just one but two of them I will do a full REVIEW to help others Thanks Shai Good Work

  • Andrea

    Hi Alexis, always with the due respect, I'm happy for you and for your talent. Usually who is a real telented man does not need to praise himself about his art and his money but…
    We also have here in Europe many professionals that use b-grip. The price of b-grip comes from a deep and long work of developing the best solution at affordable price keeping a very high technical quality…I don't want to make you a boring lesson on industrial processes.
    I understand you feel cool with a Spyder as with a Ferrari…ok ok good for you. :) :) I wish you all the best with tons of $$$$$$$$$…
    Anyway I was talking about technical aspects and not about how much you can spend (that I personally do not care).
    Shai…I wish you all the best, there is space for both in worldwide market. ;)
    B-grip Enjoy your Camera!

  • andrea

    One more thing my Professional (???) friend, just to let you know. There some aspects common between Ferrari and b-grip.
    1) Both are “Made in Italy” products
    2) The Durethan Resin in used for b-grip and also for high resistance Ferrari parts, and it's not a cheap material but an expensive hi tech resin compound.

    Moreover “expensive” does not mean high quality, and “cheap” does not mean low; this is only a silly way of thinking of some airy unprofessional consumers.
    Spyder and b-grip has a different approach to the same problem, that's all.

    So ,my dear, be informed before talking next time. ;)

  • Andrea
  • Nightraven