2012 Olympics Kodak Brownie Concept

Here’s a fun concept design imagining the classic Kodak Brownie reintroduced to for the 2012 London Olympic games as a simple digital camera. Designer James Coleman says,

After researching the history of the Brownie I realised that Kodak often made special edition Brownies for major events such as World Fairs or anniversaries. Being from London, I chose to design a Brownie for the upcoming 2012 Olympic games.

The only control on the camera is the shutter button, and it has three lenses — two for the viewfinders and one for the actual exposure. Rather than looking at an LCD screen or pressing a viewfinder to your face, you gaze into one of the two viewfinders from above depending on whether you’re shooting a landscape or portrait image.

What do you think of this design? Would you enjoy it as a novel “toy” digital camera?

(via Wired)

  • Chris Oaten

    I sure would. Very collectable, I would think. Looks like fun.

  • Soichiro

    Looks like analogue camera. Cool!

  • david e

    i would only be interested if the digital images it took were “processed” in-camera to look like viewfinder images, a la hipstamatic, but with enough pixals to make prints worth printing.

  • kimwylie0523

    How fun! I have an old brownie stashed away in the attic somewhere (Dad used to work for Kodak). I think it would tie in well with the 2012 logo, thematically speaking.

  • Lightning Heart

    eeep, i want one!

  • Shawn Parker

    Oh hell yes. Beats the pants off of the toy camera apps for the iPhone ;)

  • Shawn Parker

    That could be done through the lens via hacked together filters if the camera didn't

  • Maurice Ferguson

    yep, i'd totally buy it- IF it were digital, captured accurate color (more important than resolution for toy cameras), good battery life, and a reasonable price range.

    i wonder though, why companies (especially the ones that already make rangefinders with fixed focal lengths) are not starting to make 3d cameras yet? it's just one more lens.

  • Vanessa

    LOVE! i would totally buy on of these. I have two vintage/antique brownie cameras (one was my mom's) and how fun it would be to add this to the collection…

  • jennife ryoung

    oh my! i'll take one of each ;)

  • Ozdak

    As a Kodak collectyors of 45 years, I would totally want one of each colour just as they are, hang the expense. Ozdak

  • Guest

    Lomography have for a little while!

  • Mreemaz

    Where can I get one?!

  • Mreemaz

    Where can I get one?!

  • Amcteague

    We used to have one as well (my dad also worked for Kodak) :)

  • Jessicaroffey

    i would love to own one of these please make them it will be great if you do!!!!

  • Niki Collis

     I’d definitely buy one of these! 

  • Jennifer Konig

    Anyone know if these made it to production?

  • kelley davis

    that looks so cute and fun. Want!