Canon 7D Shooting 8 Frames Per Second

This video, created by PhotoErrant, shows a Canon 7D shooting at 8 frames per second on high-speed continuous mode. This definitely isn’t something you should try yourself, since it whacks hundreds of shutter actuations off the lifespan of your camera and exposes the sensor to dust. Luckily for us, there’s people willing to do these experiments and upload them to YouTube.

  • CincauHangus

    Sounds like a machine gun!

  • markstclaire

    You've never been near a machine gun firing have you?

  • Steven Yunghans

    That's great and all but, outside of shooting sports, shooting that many frames of the same thing seems like overkill to me. In sports shooting, you have a very dramatic movements and Continuous mode shooting takes some of the luck (skill?) out of the equation for capturing that perfect moment. But still, I can't see myself shooting 40 frames of some basketball player attempting a layup in a game. Maybe that's why I'm not featured in Sports Illustrated every other month….

  • chrishoniball

    I'm not seeing the point of this…

    If you want to be impressed by cameras FPS, go find the rig that was set up a couple years ago with three MkIII's in a row firing at 30 FPS.

  • Michael Zhang

    Here's the link for anyone interested:

    That IS pretty dang impressive :-)

  • QuBe

    Don't forget wildlife shooting. With digital, it's a super sweet deal to be able to blast off loads of shots as to try and get a great capture of animals, water etc in motion.

    Then, of course there's another kind of wildlife…namely your kids. :D Being able to rifle off consecutive shots as they tear around can capture some great memories you'd otherwise miss.

    Another example is when shooting from a moving vehicle. It's great to be able to fire off a load of frames as you go by things of interest, and later cull out the best angle, focus and exposure of the bunch.

  • CincauHangus

    metaphorically speaking of course.

  • TylerIngram

    I have the Canon 7D – Too bad they dropped their shutter life from showing what 8fps is like.

    I love shooting 8fps when it comes to sports, wildlife.

  • vathsav

    I had a 5D Mk II, it's an insanely amazing camera :D, but I was never satisfied with it while shooting wildlife. So I sold it and got a 7D, its super fast and responsive. IQ is not as good as the 5D MK II, but it's close….and I love shooting wildlife at 8fps.

  • Xian

    if u shot using liveview then you wouldnt ruin your shutter life and perhaps even have a higher fps?