Fashion World Markets for Photo Industry

Fashion label LeSportsac will be joining with Canon in its release of a case designed exclusively for the PowerShot camera, the companies announced today.

No big surprise here; the fashion industry has always worked hand-in-hand with the photography industry. Photography has always played an integral part in marketing fashion.

However, the tables are turning, and designer names are now a major marketing point for photo gear.

Consumer-level cameras are abundant. Every major manufacturer has several new models of point-and-shoots each year, a testament to the power of the consumer in the imaging industry. However, in a market flooded with similar products, manufacturers scramble to distinguish themselves from the next big company.

Late last year, Lady Gaga contributed some star power to Polaroid as she joined the company as a creative director. Polaroid’s most recently garnered a prominent feature in Gaga’s latest music video, Telephone, featuring Beyonce. Celebrity spokespersons such as Ashton Kutcher for Nikon are also a recent marketing trend in drawing public interest in photo products.

Last month at PMA, GE announced a new point-and-shoot collaboration with fashion designer Jason Wu called Create by Jason Wu, whose line includes colorful cameras and stylish carrying cases. The cameras will be released this April, but GE’s running a contest this month for autographed editions of the product.

Any thoughts on this trend? Would a designer name interest you next time you shop for a camera?

  • eeed

    i wouldnt hesitate to pick up a Porsche Design canon 5D mkII…altho i'm pretty sure it'd just be an extra badge somewhere since i cant really think of a way to add more style to the camera body without compromising functionality.

  • marc

    Who says you need to be a big designer to make nice camera bags. Epiphanie Bags makes some nice bags. I just wish they had a mens line.

  • Brad

    I have absolutely no interest in brand-name items – if the guy around the corner made the best gear for the best price out of his garage, that's what I'd buy. Functionality is king, not branding, because these are tools, not fashion statements.

  • Lou

    Eeed's idea about the Porsche Design 5DmkII would be pretty awesome. Back when I worked in Apple Telesales, I used to like the Porsche, uh, LaCie drives, I believe. Very nice.

    Although the first name that came to my mind in this instance was Jonny Ive, the Apple designer.

    Following that would be the European house, Frog Design–they designed the Snow White initiative that Apple used for their original PowerMacs, IIgs, etc etc.

    I'd buy a Jonny Ive-designed camera though. Oh yes.

  • anaperes

    I don't see how a designer name would improve the camera itself! And I'm an designer! Maybe I should be interessed in that but a bagde with designers name would be just 'style' which is many times confused with design. And most of the times, the designer name on a gear (any kind of gear) just add a few numbers on the price, just because the name is there… Maybe in a camera bag but not in the camera. No.

  • Ranger 9

    Cameras have designers already — somebody decides what colors and textures will be used on the body, how the controls will be marked and knurled, etc., etc. So since they already have designers, what's wrong with letting a “name” designer have a go?

    I wouldn't limit it to fashion designers, though. Anyone for a Chip Foose Nikon? Might be interesting…