How Not to Paint Your Nikon D90 Pink

Kai at DigitalRev was recently given the challenge of painting a Nikon D90 pink magenta. He chooses to dismantle the camera in order to paint individual components, but works on it as carefully as one would work on a steak. At one point he even gets an electric shock from the components, though we’re wondering why he didn’t simply remove the battery. The camera miraculously looks somewhat normal in the end, but several parts are broken in the process (LCD won’t turn on, and popup flash wont’ go down).

What’s interesting is that he takes the pink camera to the Nikon headquarters along with a hidden camera. His interaction with the customer service there is quite hilarious.

Here’s the video of the whole “adventure”. It’s a bit long, and might anger you, but you get to see the internals of a Nikon D90 if you find that sort of thing interesting!

So anyhow, painting your camera like this is definitely something to be avoided. If you’ve successfully painted your camera without breaking it, leave a comment letting us know!

(via PopPhoto)

  • GarySimmons

    This is what happens when people have too much free time. lol Go take some PICTURES!

  • Aled Evans

    He did remove the battery – says so in the video. Must be some residual charge lurking in there somewhere!

  • namerequired

    I believe the capacitor(s) that hold the charge for the flash can store that charge for a long time after the battery is removed.

  • johua

    as long as it wasnt a canon

  • Edie_Howe

    Magenta my lily-white tuchas. That's PINK, dammit. And what a waste of pink paint it is, too.

    “You damn kids get out of my National Park right now, and take that abomination of a camera with you!”

  • Bergur

    Quite amusing… But it really annoyed me that he had no idea how to approach this assignment… But custom-painting a DSLR seems to be possible.

    I loved the Nikon HQ's reaction!

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing that out. Some other readers on Twitter did as well.

  • mnovaes

    I always knew that Nikoners were sorta girlie…

  • Krzysztof

    Bloody… How could they destroy D90. I mean how could they do anything that stupid to any camera.

  • ollyIs

    Pointless and annoying. Who decided that this guys monotone drawl would engage and entertain anybody?

  • Zuco Pietro

    Maybe that guy is good at painting but that's not the way to open a digital camera.
    He opened it like he was opening an old tape recorder… Those cameras internally are compact and delicate. It's a mix of optic, electronic and precision.
    It's not impossible to paint it, but first it's necessary to understand how to manipulate that kind of electronic gear.

  • mattlacey

    That'll definitely be what it was – I dismantled an old film P&S once to fix it, received a few shocks myself (after one I attempted to remove the battery but whilst manoeuvring the camera to do so received a few more). They hurt a surprising amount!

  • miklos

    I wish it was. What a waste of a perfectly good Nikon.

  • Chris

    This is how they should ship nikons

  • miklos

    Much like Canon-ers are egotists

  • Raymond Parker


  • Scratch Paint Remover

    omg, what if the components became sticky?

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  • philpem

    I must be an anti-Canonite then. At work, I’ve been known to say things like…

    “Is Canon better than Nikon? Actually, there’s not that much between them….”

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