Canon Lens Mug Purchased in Canada

The web has been abuzz the past couple days over the collectible L-lens look-alike coffee mugs Canon was passing out at the Olympics. Everyone is asking whether they’ll be available to the general public.

One of our readers, Chris Wilkinson, has sent in photos of the Canon EF Lens Collector Cup he actually purchased from a local camera store in Canada. He tells us,

I saw the photo via Petapixel’s link to PDNPulse, so I emailed the photo to Carsand Mosher in Truro, Nova Scotia. A store I’ve purchased every piece of photo equipment to date, and they know my obsession with Canon branded promotional items. The subject line was “Just one question” the body was “Can you get this:” and the mug photo in the body of the message.

To my delight, The reply was “Yes…and I thought of you when I saw those this past Monday. We ordered some, and we have a sample here fresh in the box. They will sell for $29.99 (cad). A few minutes later, another reply came in that they have two samples on hand. I bought both. One for use, one that will remain wrapped for my collection. They arrived in the black gift wrap complete with the red ribbon, perhaps cleverly imitating the red ring. These samples may have been special, or maybe even an add-on from my camera shop. Either way, I can’t see the regular stock wrapped in black paper and a ribbon.

According to my sales rep, they are taking pre-orders for the mugs now, many colleagues of mine have placed pre-orders for the regular stock when (if?) it arrives.

Wow. If these things actually go on sale to the general public for $29.99 CAD (currently about $29.13 USD) I’m sure there going to sell like hotcakes. Here’s a video Chris uploaded showing his mug:

Yup. It’s obviously real.

PDN Reporting the Opposite

Don’t get your hope up TOO much though. PDNPulse is reporting that the mugs may not be available anytime soon:

Despite rumors that the mugs would be offered as free swag to those attending the WPPI Convention in Las Vegas next week, a Canon spokesperson tells us they were created by Canon Canada solely as a giveaway to photographers at last month’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

They also received another photograph of the mug from Josh Weisberg of Microsoft:

24-105mm f4L IS Coffee Cup Giveaway?

DSLR News Shooter is doing a giveaway for a… 24-105 coffee cup? We’re not sure how real this is, but the photographs they have in the post sure look real:

They’re asking that you register on their site with your name and email, and then leave a comment on the post for a chance to win the mug.

How much do you want one of these things? If one of them was being auctioned on eBay, how much would you bid?

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  • Jim Carter


  • Mike

    I… Want… One.. Soooooo bad… ;)

  • luilily

    I'm a Nikon girl but since I'm living in Vancouver, I send an email to Canon if I can just pick it up in their head office. Wish me luck!

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  • grace

    I want one toooo…

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  • Vlade

    Downtown Camera, 55 Queen st East, Toronto. Ordered, will be available in April.

  • Michael Zhang

    How much will it cost?

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  • luilily

    Just got an email from Canon Canada:
    Thank you for your E-mail inquiry. Canon has recently released a limited, special edition, promotional lens mug at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games. Unfortunately, the Canon lens mugs are not available for purchasing at this time. Thank you for your support and patronage of Canon products. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to email us or visit our customer support website at Sincerely,
    Gavin Y.
    Technical Support Representative
    Customer Information Centre
    Canon Canada Inc.

    :( BOOO!!!!

  • styc88

    I want one!

  • elisad

    I want one!

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  • jersel

    You can get on the Canon Canada estore when you spend $200. Sorry non-Canadians, they only ship to Canada.

  • chrisandrews

    I need this. If I don't win I would still like to buy one.

  • Taz

    Hey guys dream on about getting this mug, I work for Canon and I can't even buy one. Canon Canada is the cheapest company, they never give stuff out, even to employees.
    But get this they gave them away to every Pro Photographer at the Olympics, they don't care about the retail people who actually purchase there equipment.

    I think that Nikon has one coming too FYI.

  • nc1616

    I am so excited to see these cool items: The Canon 70-200mm L lens Thermos and the Canon 24-105mm L len mugs/cups. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them

    I found that you can buy them here, I see that there's also the 24-105mm mugs available too. Here's the link for it:

    cheers everyone

  • Coffee of the Month Clubs

    That travel coffee cup lens is really convenient and affordable. Hope I could get one.

  • RoboStorm

    The Olympics was just marketing and advertising… Of course they don't give away stuff for free. What's the point of that?
    canon color copiers

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  • LeDor

    I'd like a Nikon one, but not Canon. BOOOOOOOO CANON hahaha.

  • Hend

    how can I find this in uk

  • canonpowershot

    Price is unbelieveable at under $7 each, when a new OEM battery costs as much as $60. Time will tell. If I can get 1/6 the 'equivalent' life and service of an OEM battery, it was well worth the price. The S90 OEM battery spec says up to 300 charges are possible. The MaximalPower battery package shows the product has a 3 year limited warranty, but the RMA cost to return if it fails under the 3 warranty period is $9.50 plus postage. Funny that was not mentioned in the “Reviews” I scanned before deciding to buy the batteries. Charged one of the batteries up and it fitted in the S90 with no problem. Now a wait & see game as I compare it side-by-side with the S90 OEM battery. Click Here for More Detail

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  • Ernie
  • business gift

    I can see this item circulating fast it's a good promotional product for photography though but it's very very good, most of the photographers will like it!


  • AlysonAmber

    This lens look great and canon is one prestigious label, there are many people who buy canon because along the time they saw that canon is a great aquisition.

    canon color copiers

  • sillywoman

    The Chinese copies are selling like crazy in China, although the quality is so bad that you would never dare drinking from it, the chemicals may kill you.

  • Teileen Whiteman

    here here they are selling those one here


  • Teileen Whiteman

    here here they are selling those one here


  • AJ Dyka

    IS THIS A SCAM????

    We’ve had a terrible experience dealing with

    We ordered 2 of the Canon Lens 70-200mm Thermos Travel Mug for Christmas presents thinking we’d be getting the genuine goods as per Canon from the Olympics.

    To our horror when they arrived they appeared to be identical to the $15 versions available from various sources on eBay made in China and indeed the packaging was postmarked from Beijing!

    To make things worse the packaging was so shoddy that one of them was damaged in transit. There was no original packaging and they were wrapped in a random piece of cutup cardboard … we’ve tried to contact them via their specified email address ([email protected]) to get a replacement or a refund but they refuse to respond in any way.

    Do yourself a favour and find one on eBay and don’t waste your time with these thieves!

  • Marz_laagan

    my little sister asked me for this mug, as a gift, cuz she has a DSLR with her. is it available in Toronto, Canada?

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  • Leroyhedge

    Got mine at Shipped out within 24 hours :)

  • jackie

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  • jackie

     I got a zoomable  canon 24-70mm lens mug ,the quality is great  , I have updated some video on  youtobe ,to my youtobe page to check please ,I bought from only 26$ ,you cant miss it ,by the way ,they deliver is few slow, I wait 15days to get it ,you should have enought patient ,haha  
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  • custom diary

    I can see this item circulating fast it’s a good promotional product for
    photography though but it’s very very good, most of the photographers
    will like it!

  • Brandon

    You can still buy them at

    Got mine really quick!