3D DSLR Setup Spotted at the Olympics

About a week ago at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Russ Beinder caught a Sports Illustrated photographer at the hockey rink with a pretty interesting gear setup:

I think this is David Klutho uberphotog from Sports Illustrated. He has what appears to be two Nikon D700 cameras “glued” together with a 24-70mm f/2.8G attached. I am guessing there is some custom eletronics to synchronize the exposure and focus between the two. The little black box on the camera on the right has a cable running in one side and out the other. It has a simple toggle switch and what appears to be a indicator light. He was taking shots into the crowd.

Here’s the original shot by Beinder:

He also notes that David Klutho has previously published a 3D photography book.

Does anyone know if you can buy the setup that allows the two cameras to be controlled simultaneously?

Image credit: 3D Camera by Russ Beinder and used with permission

  • markdoescher

    Klutho is a big time 3D hobbyist. SI published an entire 3D Summer Olympics special edition in 2000 or 2004 that was all shot by him. He makes all his own rigs.

  • Scott Coulter

    I think with Canon point-and-shoots that support the CHDK alternate firmware, you can do this with just a USB cable. I only have one camera, so I haven't tested the 3d shooting support.

  • mikeziegler

    He was in STL at the Arch Madness, Missouri Valley Conference men's bball tourny with the same setup tonight. I'm assuming he'll be there all weekend.

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