Shoot New Places by Tossing a Coin

Here’s a neat idea I came across yesterday: tossing a coin to explore your city or town.

Since the summer of 2004, Gavin Edwards has been taking walks from his home near the World Trade Center site in NYC and using a coin to determine his destination.

Periodically, I would leave my house and flip a coin. If it was heads, I’d go left. If it was tails, I’d go right. At every intersection, I’d flip the coin again: after an hour, I’d stop and photograph whatever block I was on.

If you enjoy street photography but need some motivation, perhaps give this a shot!

48 Hours from Ground Zero (via Boing Boing)

Image credit: chance by Vinay Deep

  • wiesel

    you could easily go around in circles doing this. It would be better to have a three side thing so that you could go straight too.

  • yo

    Done on a television show back in the 90's where the host used the roll of the dice to choose “next destinations”

  • indybloggirl

    Nice idea. I especially like Yo's idea of using a roll of the dice. What show was that?

  • Lars Kiilerich

    You could take it even further..
    (great book by the way)

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