Standard Getty Photographer Olympic Kit

There are some pretty amazing photographs of the Olympic games coming out of Vancouver these days. If you’re wondering what photographers are shooting with, Pocket-lint has the lowdown on what Getty provides its photographers:

As for the kind of kit you’ll need for the job, well typically, Getty Images supplies its men with 2 x Nikon D3s DSLRs, a 24-70mm lens, a 400mm lens, a 500/600mm lens, a 1.4x teleconverter just to make sure, a tonne of spare batteries and a deck full of memory cards. The photographer would also be wise to add thermal underwear and boots, an extra set of clothes to put on when in position as well as lots and lots of chocolate. The aim of the game is to have everything you could possibly need and generally at least two of them. It’s a long way back down the mountain.

Sounds like it’s not just the athletes who need physical training for the Olympic games.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Moira

    Hmmm. So what do they supply to their women?

  • kgphotography

    Wow, I'm drooling here!

  • josh_avm

    nikon? ew

  • vladiNikonrumors

    Yes Nikon. Looks like they learned their lesson with 1D mark llls.

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  • Jimbo

    Funny you mention physical training. Try hand holding (and trying to hold it “still”) a 400mm on a decent size DSLR in a bouncing speed boat. Total weight is about 11kg. After 5mins there are a lot of muscles burning! Or lugging 20kg back packs around for weeks at a time.

  • KamokaJosh

    Jimbo, you need to get some exercise. :)
    I'm wondering what Moira's wondering and thinking what josh_avm is.

  • neilhargreaves

    Great kit, but what about the weight!

    I wonder if the Getty photogs hitched a lift up the slopes on the piste grooming machines?

  • ljhphotography

    Hold on, where's the part about the Sherpa assigned to each Getty tog too?


    In love

  • Veldask Krofkomanov

    That’s a Canon camera