Notice Anything About This Painting?

Despite what your eyes tell you, the above image is a photograph of a real person, not a painting. It was taken by Peter Kun Frary, a music professor at the University of Hawaii. He tells us,

Recently I walked by the Ala Moana Center Mac (cosmetic) store and noticed a crowd of Japanese tourists gawking and snapping pics. A model in full body paint was posing against a set on an open air stage in front of the store. I thought she was a darn good simulation of a late 19th or early 20th century French oil painting. Although there were no stage lights, natural sunlight light was diffused through white cloth canopy to reduce shadows and contrast.

We can imagine an artist doing a whole series of photographs that look exactly like paintings. Has this been done before? Link us if so!

(via Gizmodo)

Image credit: Photograph by Peter Kun Frary and used with permission.

  • scott gietler

    very interesting photograph, it really does look like a painting. It's amazing how even the lighting is. Thanks for the interesting post.

  • skyshyne


  • CincauHangus

    great photo! would have guessed it's a painting if I didnt look closely. the hands and harsh shadow gave it away

  • Matt

    The cuff on the left hand also doesn't wrap all the way around. Shows the more-natural flesh colored arm.

  • Bren Dunn

    Really terrific photo. The body paint is really well done: I wonder how long the model kept the pose ? And was the pose changed frequently ? Just curious. Again, a great photo of an interesting subject. Thanks to Peter for the photo and PetaPixel for sharing.

  • Chris

    Calum Colvin?

  • Jon

    This HAS been done before… many many time…. I don't have time to google a dozen links for you.

    If you like this stuff though check out “The Pageant of the Masters” which is an annual production in Laguna Beach, CA recreating classic paintings on stage with live actors standing very very still.

  • annieescobar

    check out NYU photographer Meredith Rom's photographic interpretations of iconic paintings, they blew me away:

  • nakedlens

    Leroy Roper does very similar things:

    (Site may be NSFW for some people.)

  • mellodoubt

    This is a beautiful image but it is not an unaltered photo. If you look @ her blouse, the background, table etc., you will notice a painterly texture. It was probably enhanced in oil paint
    mode of Photoshop or using some other paint software program. Again, I say, it is a beautiful & colorful image but do not for a minute believe it to be simply a well lit photograph. Sorry.

  • Jolit

    You missed the point entirely. mellodoubt.