Joby Adds Magnets to the Gorillapod

What do you get when you attach magnets to the Joby Gorillapod? The Gorillapod Magnetic, of course. It’s one of the two new products Joby is unveiling at PMA starting this Sunday (Jessica will be there covering it), with the other being the Ballhead X. The magnets allow the flexible tripod to be anchored to things like poles and doorways, supporting up to 11.5 ounces. However, you probably don’t want the magnets to come too close to your camera equipment, since magnets usually don’t get along with electronics very well. The Gorillapod Magnetic is available at the Joby Store and costs $25.

  • Keith Fiore

    Nice! Got to buy some to replace the older Gorillapods I own

  • rogerogeroger

    whoops, double post

  • rogerogeroger

    The way the warning sentence is written, is vague. Just clarification to be specific, but magnets are only dangerous to magnetic media- most commonly portable hard-drives, or the hard drive in your laptop- SD, CompactFlash, USB flash drives, etc aren't affected by magnets.

    As long as you bear that in mind, this looks pretty cool!