Self-Portrait Mirror for Your Digital Camera

When I’ve needed to take quick self portraits with my DSLR, one of the tricks I’ve discovered is to focus the camera using the reflection in the UV filter. As long as my eye is directly over the center of the lens in the reflection, then I know the center autofocus point is focused on my eye.

With smaller point-and-shoot cameras, it can be much harder to frame the shot (though focusing correctly is probably easier). Cameras are now coming out with an extra LCD screen on the front of the camera just for this kind of shot. noahw has a cheap, do-it-yourself solution – attach a small mirror to the front of your camera!

This project is dead simple: Digital Camera Sticky backed Velcro Small 1″ – 2″ mirror (convex is best, flat is ok, concave w/magnification is no good) Small mirrors are everywhere. Check out mirrors from compacts and make up. The one I liked best was from an “Inspection Mirror” made by “General Tools” bought for 2 bucks from a hardware store.

To get started you can watch the following video, or head on over to Instructables for a step-by-step tutorial.

Self-Portrait Camera Mirror (via Lifehacker)

  • Ahmed H. H.

    A lot of smart phones and camera phones used this mirror hack before. They typically used a miniature (1/4 in. or smaller) reflector and it got the job done. It would be interesting to see something like this that works for DSLRs. The new live-view DSLRs are certainly easier in some situations.

  • Anonymous

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