Print Posters with an Ordinary Photo Printer

We’re not sure whether it’s worth it in terms of cost, but here’s a way to print your own gigantic photograph posters using your ordinary photo printer. Easy Poster Printer is a free program by GD Software that automatically prints out a poster of any size (maximum is 20×20 meters) in individual pieces using your photo printer.

Obviously you could do the same thing using an ordinary program like Photoshop, but this program takes all the work out of the process, doing all the slicing and printing for you. The 6MB program is for Windows only (sorry Mac people!) and can be downloaded by clicking here [Update: the program is no longer available].

  • DM|ZE

    Not just mac people but Linux too. It would be nice if programs were more universal, this sounds like it would be useful.

  • Chris Oaten

    That's OK. This “Mac people” isn't offended.

    If you are a “Mac people” have a look at this:

  • Michael Zhang

    I'm a Mac people too ;-)

  • radovanpavlic

    It gets better…why not do it online? Forget about the whole MAC/WIN thing…

    Also it doesn't really print your photo, but a dotted hybrid of it, effects can be amazing (scroll through the galleries for results)…

    I used it for my son's b/days, printed a huge poster of him with “happy b/day” sign, everybody loved it. Can do full color or monochromatic, a standalone application available for download, but then WIN only…

    My take from 2007:

  • David


  • kevjohn