Hasselblad Countdown Hits Zero

For the past month or so Hasselblad has had a cryptic countdown on their website. The countdown reached zero today, and Hasselblad announced the H4D-40, a camera the company claims will bring “ultimate image quality to an entirely new generation of photographers”. Since medium format digital cameras have been around for quite a while now, we’re hoping this means a significant drop in price. However, at the bottom of the countdown page, there’s the message “Hasselblad Medium Format DSLRs start at 11,995 EUR”. Hmmm…

As easy to use as any 35mm camera and featuring a 40 Megapixel Medium Format sensor, our easy to use new Phocus 2.0 software, and the new True Focus AF, the H4D-40 provides the perfect entry point into the Hasselblad world. The H4D-40 gives you full access to the entire Hasselblad system of software, lenses, and features and has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding high-end commercial photographers – and yours.

The camera will launch in 50 cities across the world on February 10th. What do you think the price is going to be? Will medium format digital photography finally be made affordable for (semi-rich) amateurs?

  • Samantha Decker

    I would love to get into medium format digital photography one day, but they will have to become more affordable and preferably smaller for that to happen.

  • SlvrScoobie

    Ive finally decided that I will never use my RZ67 sitting in my closet, because no matter how cheap the digital backs become, a newer / more advanced Canon camera will exist at the same or lower price, that will allow me to use my entire lens collection AND be more portable.

  • j0bi

    Only 12,000 EUR?

  • Name

    40 megapixels? I couldn't afford the storage, much less the camera!

  • Moira Pomeroy


    How many amateurs have a spare 12 grand to spend (knowing that the lenses and the rest of the whole shebang are to follow)?

    I'd like to be semi-rich…! ;)

  • Michael Zhang

    We're hoping the little message at the bottom of the page isn't the price of the camera to be unveiled. =P

  • Tim

    Moira – forget amateurs! How many pro’s could afford this in a world of tumbling image prices?

  • Tim

    Moira – forget amateurs! How many pro’s could afford this in a world of tumbling image prices?

  • Chad Lancaster

    they are just asking for Red Camera to destroy them..

  • Chris

    As cool as it sounds, I have never needed more resolution than my 5d Mkii gives me. For most of us, a Hasselblad is just a novelty. I'm suprised it doesn't shoot video.

  • Bergur

    Madness! I love it, but it's madness!

    I'll keep wishing for a D3 or D3s, but I'm loving what I see and I know what I will be wishing for after I've climbed the Nikon mounain.

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  • Dave K

    Oh whatever $20,000 isn't that much for professional equipment. I'm not going to buy it, but good lord, expect to spend that much on lenses as well. Three or four good shoots for their target market (or one even for some) and it's paid for.

    They're not after amateurs shooting yet more pictures of their keyboards to try and sell on micro stock photography sites.

    Even if you're not in that strata of professionals there are rentals, leases and co-ops.

  • Russ

    Another overpriced Fuji!!