Ten Years of Life Through Polaroids

This video is an interesting compilation of over 4,600 Polaroid self-portraits taken by Marc Tasman over ten years between July 24, 1999 and July 24, 2009. That’s a total of 3,654 consecutive days.

The video is similar to Noah Kalina’s everyday project, where he made 2,356 self-portraits over six years between January 11, 2000 and July 31, 2006. The difference is that Tasman’s self-portraits are much more… diverse.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Alain

    error: Noah has been doing it for almost 10 years. It is just that the video is until 2006 but it keeps on going afterward.

  • Michael Zhang

    Right, thank for the catch. Added a little update to the post.

  • Mike

    There are so many fascinating nuances to point out about these types of projects. A couple I just thought of off the top of my head are: 1) you need to plan the technology out in advance as to what will be available [i.e. he shot Polaroid without realizing that the film is a lot more difficult to obtain nowadays]. 2) to cost involved in shooting 3,600 Polaroids. 3) keeping up with a TEN YEAR photo project like this… Very interesting.

  • jhnhtt

    unreal! well done that man!

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