How About a Topaz Labs Giveaway?

Update: This contest is now over. The winners have been randomly selected and posted here. Thanks for participating!

bundle_boxshot_150wIt’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway here on PetaPixel. At one time I was doing roughly a giveaway a week. The last one we had here was when we gave away SmugMug accounts.

This week, I’m giving away five (5) Photoshop Bundles by Topaz Labs, each worth $179. The software is available for both Windows and Mac.

If you haven’t heard of Topaz Labs before, check out the different products included in this bundle, or poke around on Google for reviews. They’ve gotten some pretty positive feedback from photographers recently.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is to answer the following question:

What is your greatest fear?

Yeah… It’s a pretty open ended question.

There are two ways to respond and enter the contest, and you can use both methods to double your chances:

  1. Leave your response as a comment on this post
  2. Tweet your response, and include the following link to this post anywhere in the tweet:

    As long as the link appears somewhere in your tweet, you will automatically be entered in the contest. You don’t even need to include @petapixel.

The deadline for this giveaway is Saturday, October 24th, 2009. I’ll be randomly selecting the five winners using

Good luck!

  • CincauHangus

    my greatest fear is knowing that i never did my very best in the things i love

  • facebook-4203563

    I'd have to go with spiders, for whatever reason, like many others, they absolutely terrify me.

  • facebook-4203563

    I'd have to go with spiders, for whatever reason, like many others, they absolutely terrify me.

  • Seetroll

    I fear height. Can't look down from towers.

  • Seetroll
  • Quadelle

    My greatest fear is dying before my child are grown.

  • Preeti

    My greatest fear is of how deep the ocean is. I love it but I am deathly afraid of being lost somewhere in the middle (something stupid like falling off a cruise ship). Really random and weird.

  • Dave Wilson

    Assuming you are interested in photographic fears and not the obvious such as death of close family members, diagnosis with a terminal disease, I would have to say that having all your cameras die at the start of a wedding shoot would be pretty horrific. Shooting weddings is scary enough but couple that with serious gear failure and you have a real nightmare.

  • Nimish

    i want one

  • Adrian

    My career and hobbies rely on my eyes. My greatest fear is losing my site.

  • Bergur

    My greatest fear would be losing my wife, after that losing someone close to me. (pretty open ended as well).

    My greatest photography related fear is dropping my camera out of a moving train or car or out of a window.

  • Janet McK

    my greatest fear is having a family member die while I'm out of the country. also, snakes.

  • Roberta

    My greatest fear is failure.

  • ScrObot

    My greatest fear is being in the position where I cannot do the things that I love or provide for my family to do the things that they love.

    That and 20 foot tall mutant spiders.

  • Shannon

    Nothingness, paralysis, the blackness. SCAR-Y.

  • travit

    My greatest fear is that my children won't be proud of me when they become adults.

  • eiffair

    my greatest fear is loosing all my fears

  • jennyplain

    My greatest fear is earthworms. I know. It's ridiculous.

  • Madzia Bryll

    My greatest fear is that I am crazy and don't even know it. Or perhaps it is that I am perfectly normal, and therefore my outbursts are simply a sign of bad character…

  • Danielle

    Greatest fear is that I lose someone i love without them knowing how I feel about them.

    And spiders.

  • Dustin

    My biggest fear is that I will jeopardize my own relationships because of my selfishness, even though most consider me to be a relatively selfless person.

  • amandacarlson

    My greatest fear is Hammer Head Sharks. I dont know where it came from but I am deathly scared of them. So much so that when im in a swimming pool and they have tiles on the bottem in the shape of T i have to keep telling myself that its just a pool and there wouldnt be sharks here.

  • Molly Black

    I have both Fibromyalgia AND Addison's Disease. I'm terrified I'm going to spend the rest of my life in constant pain, having to have a caretaker not just now, but for the rest of my life. I'm terrified that the pain and steroids that have stopped me from modeling will now also take away my ability to do photography. Since photography is my escape from the constant pain, this is a very real fear. The death aspect doesn't bother me as much as the loss of quality of life.

  • Azi Jackal

    My greatest fear is not following my heart. :)

  • Jeremy McMahan

    Greatest photography fear: Dropping camera and lens into a lake. Or perhaps having the camera conk-out during a wedding or some other once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • Sarah

    my greatest fear is to have another friend pass away and only after realize that i never showed or told them how important they were to me

  • reallynotme

    My greatest fear is losing my family. Losing material things, fine, they can be regained. Family, life itself, cannot be brought back. I cherish my family and love them more than anything else.

  • Trevor Cuttrisss

    My Greatest Fear, eh? Well mine is death its self.

  • Burns!

    My greatest fear: Seeing the perfect shot, but camera malfunctioning (ie. battery dies, memory full, etc.) Also, drowning.

  • Al Gould

    I used to climb masts on aircraft carriers with no fear at all. Now, even the smallest heights scare the s*** out of me. How did this happen?

  • Joe Block

    My biggest fear is of losing my curiosity.

  • galezucker

    I'd say being up in airplanes but since I travel (with the help of magic drugs) often, I'll move on to having all my hard drives become inoperable and irretrievable. All of them, and all of the backup dvd's and cd's too.

  • electroblake

    My greatest fear is having to admit defeat and get a day job.

  • Clarence Chan

    my greatest fear is living a life without God

  • Stacy Blackman

    My greatest fear is that I will miss out on winning the Topaz Labs Photoshop Bundle!

  • Stacy Blackman

    double post, my bad!

  • Jack Johnson

    Greatest fear: dementia.

  • Bjorn Hanson

    Greatest fear: That I won't live a life worthy of my calling.

  • James Sapara

    My biggest fear is that I won't know went to stop

  • Jay McIntyre

    I'm afraid of forgetting whether or not I've already entered this contest so I'll comment anyway

  • Colin Wright

    My greatest fear? Dancing.

    No one wants to see that. Trust me.

  • JoeySee

    Flying Giant Squid. I had a dream about it years ago, and the notion has terrified me ever since. They're absolutely menacing. I hope neither science or evolution ever brings them about.

  • F.O. Kiil

    My greatest fear is to win this competition, which will force me to buy Photo$hop

  • Ethan Rosch

    My greatest fear is dying without having left an impact –

  • Johnson Earls

    My greatest fear is probably going blind. Everything I do, from work to hobbies to relaxation, is all so totally reliant on sight that I'd probably go insane if I lost my sight.

  • Deejaydoubleyou

    My biggest fear is that my son will grow up to hate me.

  • Jillian Logee

    I have Celiac Disease. I have nightmares about eating cookies. Also, zombies. *shudder*

  • novakay

    I'm afraid I'll miss out on something…anything. My attention is pulled in a million directions constantly bc I dont wanna die without knowing ” what that was like”

  • Nacho

    I´m brave! I have no fear at all! Well, maybe snakes, and sharks, and dark…but, anyway, i´m brave! :P

  • fathima_05

    My biggest fear is marrying the wrong person and ending up unhappy with my life… it paralyzes me