Hi-Yah! Killing Noise With Noise Ninja

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winners were randomly selected and announced here. Thanks to everyone who participated!

One of the tools I occasionally bust out during post-processing is Noise Ninja, a noise-reduction program/plugin used by seven of the ten largest newspapers in the United States.

Take this photograph I took yesterday as an example:


Though I was shooting outdoors with plenty of light, I had accidentally left my ISO set at 1600. This caused the photograph to end up looking dirty and full of noise. In addition, I underexposed the photo, giving it even more noise after correcting the exposure during post-processing.

You can hover over the above image to see the image after using Noise Ninja on it.

Don’t see much of a difference? Maybe a crop of a smaller area of the frame will help you see what Noise Ninja does (hover over this before image to see the after image):


Neat, huh? The amount of noise in the photo was significantly reduced, even before tweaking and selectively editing the image. For some more before-and-after examples, visit the gallery on the PictureCode website.

I’m giving away three (3) Noise Ninja Pro Bundle licenses, each worth $79.95. These bundles include the Photoshop plugin, the Aperture plugin, and the standalone program. All you need to do to enter this giveaway is answer the following question:

If you could turn into any animal, which animal would you choose?

There’s two ways you can tell us your answer, and feel free to use both ways:

  1. Leave a comment on this post (at
  2. Tweet your answer, and include this link somewhere in the tweet:

    The tweet doesn’t even need to be @petapixel. As long as the link is somewhere in the tweet, our friendly little giveaway bot will find it.

This giveaway will end next Tuesday morning, on August 25th, 2009. We’ll be picking the winner randomly using As usual, in addition to the winner we’ll post some of the more creative or interesting responses we receive.

Good luck!

PictureCode is not (currently) a sponsor of PetaPixel. They were simply nice enough to provide us with these licenses for us to give away to you, our awesome readers.

Update: Just learned that I had accidentally posted the deadline as September 1st, or a week later than I intended. Fixed it to read August 25th. Thanks for catching this @scottnopants!

  • Claytonium

    I'd be a giraffe.

  • micahtaylor

    For sure a Three-toed sloth. It's like a Wookie in real life. –

  • Jon

    I would turn into a Great Horned Owl. Not only can could I fly, but I would have the best eyesight of any animal.

  • Jonathan Stember

    If I could turn into an animal I'd turn into bear.

  • Gabriel

    A fish. I'd love to swim between the ins and outs of a coral reef, and really get in there.

  • Przemek Julie Hybel

    Eagle. Definitely eagle

  • Anthony

    Monkey. Large. Like a gorialla large.

  • Shari Mickle

    A Zebra. Or a Tribble, that could be fun…

  • Andrea Di Lorenzo

    I wanna be a racoon! :)

  • EmigrantMtChris

    A peregrine falcon. Able to fly ridiculously fast, and still be towards the top of the food chain.

  • Jason

    I'd be an arctic fox.

  • rtmalone

    I would like to be a panther

  • Pantsmclee

    Definitely a cat — agile, uppity and able to laze around all day.

  • JuiCe

    A Dolphin. Tropical seas, coral reef…

  • G. Abbey

    I would love to be a Panda. They are so adorable and they are so well taken care of since there are so few of them now. Who doesn't love this cuddly cutie.

  • Jason Wyckoff

    A human is an animal right? I'll be human – I'm sick of being a cyborg.

  • novakay

    I would beeeee a lion. They're just beautiful…and I'd have thicker hair :)

  • Drew Marold

    I'd be a Frigate bird, and spend my days soaring around the world.

  • Paul Wirtz

    If you could turn into any animal, which animal would you choose? Calif Sea otter

  • Maurice

    I'd be a hawk so I could take flight and see the world from a different perspective!

  • brentworkman

    I'd be a Yak! Yakity-Yak.

  • rbitting

    Snow Leopard of course ;-)

  • joby14

    I would love to be a dolphin.

  • ptuesday

    I will be a Simba. Not just a lion, but a Simba, because if I would have to be a lion I must be him. Or perhaps I would be a dachshund (my own wirehair) since he looks at me funny when I sneeze.

  • jmphotography

    If I could be an animal i'd be a party animal

  • hon

    a horny giant panda (so i can help reduction chances of extinction!) =D

  • veneman

    A mammoth. Might be a bit too lonely tho…

  • karonf

    A real animal? Cause I'm thinking a huge, fire-breathing dragon would be just awesome. If I do need to exist I'd say someone's beloved house cat. You get to sleep most of the day, get pampered with food and water provided for you and lots of lap time.

  • joedyndale

    I'd like to be this animal so I could freak everyone out:

  • Jenny

    A grey wolf. :)

  • killthwight

    I'd be a horse. ;)

  • paulerwin

    Radiolarian. Who doesn't want to be a holoplanktonic protozoa with elaborate mineral skeletons? Oh, and because I'm an MMW fan!

  • Andrew Maiman

    Count me in for the contest!

  • marc

    that's easy, I'd turn into a Snow Tiger

  • Ed Kitaura

    I'd love to be a sea otter!

  • Fluke

    A Rain Leopard!!!

  • gerardoant

    an eagle!
    fly everywhere I like & have a nice view to take pictures (power enough to make gigapanos)!

  • mikelangelo

    A Hippopotamus. Those guys are TOUGH!!

  • torwick

    A whale, of course: 9 ft tongue and a hole in the back of the head to breathe through. (Yes, it's an OLD one, but so am I).

  • normanmtaruc

    i'd be anne coulter, or is that too filthy a beast?

  • Andre

    A bat. That's I'd need Noise Ninja to remove the noise over every photo I took flying at night. :)

  • suprspi

    @petapixal I'd totally be a large cat of some sort. Like a cougar. Yeah, a cougar.
    No, I'm not a cougar. ;)

  • garagebroker

    If I could be any animal, I'd like to be an elephant. They are amazing social creatures!

  • nyess418

    If I could be any animal, I would like to be a bird I would love to fly. or

  • robchinn

    Grizzly bear. Eat a ton and sleep all winter!.

  • Rob Goldberg

    If I could be an animal I would be an Organ Oak. Also known in some parts of the world as a Kangaroo (at least those parts of the world that don't speak in anagrams).

  • Rob Goldberg

    If I could be an animal I would be an Organ Oak. Also known in some parts of the world as a Kangaroo (at least those parts of the world that don't speak in anagrams).

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  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat


  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat