So You Wanna Do HDR? Photomatix Giveaway!

Update: This giveaway has ended, and the randomly selected winners were posted here. Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is really interesting, and is mentioned a lot these days. Some people love it, while other hate it. Whatever camp you’re in, I would still recommend that you at least try it out, since I believe you actually learn the most in photography from experimentation.

Here’s an HDR photograph I took in 2008 of the Campanile on the UC Berkeley campus:


It’s composed of two photographs that I took without a tripod, and was created using Photomatix by HDRsoft. It seems like everyone these days is using Photomatix for their HDR work, and if you’ve heard of HDR, you’ve probably also heard of Photomatix.

Well today, I’m giving away two (2) copies of Photomatix Pro Plus, each worth $119. This bundle includes not only the standalone program, but also plugins for Photoshop, Lighroom, and Aperture. Of course, feel free to downgrade to one of the individual packages if this much software is overwhelming.

Entering this contest is simple. All you need to do is answer the following question:

Who is your favorite photographer?

Any photographer is okay, though try not to say it’s yourself. Links are definitely encouraged if the photographer is modern enough to have a website!

There are two ways you can send your answer to me, and feel free to use both methods for double the chance to win! You can…

  1. Leave a comment on this post
  2. Tweet your answer to @petapixel on Twitter

Winners will be randomly picked and announced in a week on the evening of July 18th, 2009.

Good luck!

If you’d like to view more examples of what you can do with Photomatix, check out the Photomatix group on Flickr, and to learn how to actually do HDR photography, try reading this tutorial by Trey Ratcliff on Stuck in Customs.

Another tip: If you include a link in your tweet back to this post, your tweet will automatically show up below the comments section, allowing you to share your answer not only with me, but with PetaPixel readers as well!

  • Trudy

    My favorite photographer is Chester Higgins Jr.

  • Jason Zahariades

    My favorite photographer is Zeb Andrews

  • lcelvenes


    Favorite photographer: Chris Orwig. Check him at and at

    Thanks for great links on twitter. Superb work. Oh, and great job with photo. HDR handheld takes precision :)

    All the best,

  • Elizabeth Benson

    My favorite contemporary photographer is William Guion,

  • Allan Bulwich

    @petapixel RT – My Favourite photographer is David Nightingale – – great shots and now great tutorials too.

  • samlucero

    My favorite photographer today is Joe McNally,

  • davidypark

    One of my favorite photographers is John Yao of
    I guess I tend to mostly like photojournalistic wedding photographers…

  • Melissa Cooper

    Picking an all time favorite is hard, there are so many photographers that I enjoy. Lately though, I've really been following Sharon Clark of Smitten Photography for inspiration and just really enjoy her philosophy.

  • Lizz Busby

    Chris McVeigh! ohhh yeah

  • george88
  • alain

    I really like Chase Jarvis ( work when it is related to sport or action shots. Vincent Laforest ( has some amazing shots too.

  • tamarakwan

    My favourite photographer at this time is Annie Leibovitz. I really admire her work and she's inspired me to be more creative.

  • WesG

    I really like the Strobist, David Hobby ( as he is a great educator and photojournalistic photographer.

  • Corey

    I couldn't begin to even think of just one photographer. So many inspirations out there, depends on the type of photography. Ansel Adams of course, but David Hobby for making some the “glamorous” side of photography get into the masses hands. But I really like the photography of a local group of photogs that belong to the PhotowalkingUtah group, and tweet regularly on Twitter.

  • Andrew Stephens

    Even though cliché to the extreme in the photographic community, Ansel Adams has long been one of my favorite photographers. My grandfather gave me some of his books (The Negative etc) when I was young and I was hooked from that day. His attention to detail combined with my love of places like Yosemite = awe.

  • dr4gon

    Scott Kelby for his humor and books!

    BTW, enjoyed your Pro Camera Gear on a Student Budget Article, linked via lifehacker.

  • mykllynyrd

    It's hard to pick just one favorite so I'll say I really enjoy Sam Javanrouh, Thomas Hawk, and Trey Ratcliff

  • Hans

    My favorite photographer is Anton Corbijn. I've been listening to U2 since I was young, so I was introduced to his photography pretty early on in life. I love his raw, grimy B&W style.

  • Rowell

    My favorite photographer right now is Richard Avedon! I recently saw his Portraits of Power at Balboa Park in San Diego and was blown away by the quality of his images and the political people he managed to photograph.

  • Clarke1866

    I have to say that my favourite photographer is Brian Valentine (aka LordV). His macro work is really inspiring. Add to that, he writes tutorials and how he takes his shots. Take a look at his work — you'll be amazed.

  • bofarr

    Found this blog through lifehacker as well, very excited to be here! I can't claim one favorite, I love Adams, Leibovitz and a host of current talent.

  • kathy24

    Ernst Haas – I love his motion photographs, especially the ones from the rodeo.

  • tf5_bassist

    A few of 'em come to mind, however my favorite *at this time* is Zack Arias (… Also the aforementioned Thomas Hawk, David Hobby, Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, Vincent LaForet… It tends to rotate around depending on my mood, but recently it's been Zack.

  • Kiran

    My Favourite photographer – Dhiraj Singh (

  • j u s t b a n e

    So many.. to choose just one I have to say right now, I am very much into Uwe Eischens –
    I am loving his artistic view of the shots, use of heavy color. Dramatic, very dramatic.

  • d_rec

    There's a lot of good photographers out there but I tend to watch those who are not professional. Tim ( ) is quite creative and I've seen a few on flickr too that are excellent.

  • JAC55

    Old school here, Edward Steichen

  • Tim Howard

    My favorite is still Ansel Adams. His landscapes of Yosemite are absolutely beautiful. He is the King of Landscapes.

  • bomackison

    Ansel Adams. When I visit the places he's photographed, in person or in books of his photography, I'm always filled with awe.

  • davidhan

    I also admire Ansel Adams the most.

  • Marc Braun

    One of my favorites; Minor White though have to agree with post I saw above, Ernst Haas motion stuff was wonderful!

  • serwin1

    Ansel Adams to get me interested in photography,Trey Ratcliff to keep me interested in learning more, just amazing work from both………..

  • Mike Abney

    Of course there's Ansel Adams. I have a really great book by XX that has some basic and not-so-basic tips and images that I love. Also, I'm enjoying what Scott Bourne and Rick Sammon post on their own sites, on, and their Photofocus podcast.

  • flummoxy

    I like photos by Uwe Eischens ( Because of his use of unique color and warm feeling. Certainly a big inspiration to landscape photos.

  • Desmond Ong

    One of my favorite photographer is Steve McCurry (

  • Foo Yong Hwee

    I like Sam Javanrouh's Daily Dose of Imagery.

  • mesmes

    I will go for Mr. Ara Güler.

    His official website is and Facebook page showing small number of pictures at….

  • Alessandro Marvaldi

    My favorite ARTIST of photography is Eugenio Molinari:
    few pics here … but his books are way more complete!

  • Pam Maloney

    My daughter Brittainy Dale Maloney is my favorite. I don't care if people think that I am bias, she is really a talented young woman. http://aidansattempt.deviantart.com

  • Martin

    Chris McVeigh — alias powerpig.

  • joakimbergquist

    E.J. Peiker, Nature Photographer.

    He is among my favourites with bright and colorfull shots and some quiet intense close-contact shots of wild animals.

  • bruce

    Ansel Adams was the first to inspire me. Today I would say Moose Peterson for wildlife, Darwin Wiggett for landscape.

  • morganmonroe

    Edward Weston; His “Daybooks” propelled me. They don't build cameras or photographers like this anymore.

  • gandresen

    My favorite would have to be Ansel Adams, the master of American Landscape and composition.

  • eranmahalu

    terry richardson

  • Steve Mays

    Ansel Adams will always be my favorite.

  • JuiCe

    Anna-Lou “Annie” Leibovitz

  • PJ

    One favourite.. Thats a tough one.. Because of the influence he's had, I'd have to say Bill Houghton –

  • Rowan Kempf

    Ansel Adams ftw.

  • Fervel

    Lesley Arak for me, but I'm a little biased.