Look, Up in the Sky! It’s a Hand Held Tripod!

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner was randomly selected and announced here. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

A while ago I received a camera extender/hand held tripod to review on Photoblog. Here’s a photograph of my brother that I took while fooling around with it:


Yeah… that’s right. It was taken from above a regulation basketball hoop. Sadly, my brother wasn’t able to keep his eyes open due to the fact that he was staring straight into the sun.

Today, I’m giving away either a QuikPod Pro Kit ($29.95) for you point-and-shoot users, or a QuikPod DSLR ($49.95) for those of you who lug around a bigger camera.

The QuikPod Pro includes adapter legs that can transform it into a table top tripod, while the QuikPod DSLR is large and sturdy enough to be used as an ultra-portable monopod. Here’s what the thing looks like when used as a monopod:


You can also use them as a flash stand or extender. Click here to see what I mean.

To enter this contest, all you have to do is

  1. Bookmark PetaPixel Bookmark PetaPixel on Delicious
  2. Leave a comment stating your Delicious username and which QuikPod you would like

One entry per person, please. Winners will be announced on the evening of July 4th, 2009.

Good luck!

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  • Niloy

    Niloyx is my delicious username and I'd like the QuickPod DSLR please. Signed up for this contest.

  • Chris Peters

    Oracleondelhi is my delicious username and I'd like the QuickPod DSLR please. Signed up for this contest.

  • Michael Zhang

    Haha. No need to say you've signed up for this contest =) The comment will suffice.

    Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  • Mike Hiatt

    mfhiatt signing up for the QuickPod DSLR

  • Nancee Rostad

    My delicious username is njrostad, and I would LOVE the QuikPod DSLR!

  • Daniel So

    Hi! My delicious username is jungso88 and I would really really appreciate the QuikPod pro kit for the point-and-shoot. Thank you!

  • nick

    I'd really like the DSLR QuikPod; I've found a tripod too inconvenient to carry around every time.

    My Delicious username: nickspassov

  • tarathralls

    tarathralls is my delicious username, and I'd like the QuickPod ProKit, so I can take more professional pictures, as well as promote your awesome site EVERYWHERE. LOL! You rock, thanks for the giveaway! Tara Thralls – (didn't see anywhere to add my URL, sorry!)

  • Michael Zhang

    In the comment is fine :-) Thanks for entering.

  • lstiller

    lstiller is my delicious username and I'd LOVE the DSLR QuikPod – it sounds AWESOME!

  • Jonathan Day-Reiner

    DSLR, and I'm “jon” on (yeah, I've been on delicious a long time)

  • Faylin Myhre

    Ok, signed up for delicious (I think I like it!) so I could bookmark you here, username pictureapromise and would have great fun with the QuikPod DSLR. Great contest, great giveaway!

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for going through the extra effort to sign up for delicious =)

    Good luck!

  • Perla Copernik

    P_copernik is my user name and I would love to get the QuikPod DSLR. By the way I enjoy following you on twitter

  • Patricia Reiser

    delicious name – camerapatty
    I have a canon dslr so no question to what i would love to add to my gear bag.

  • Ilan

    I actually love the fact that his eyes are closed – Makes it look as if he is 'dreaming'.
    Nice. Never heard about this tripod, good to know :)

  • fredrik

    i'm smudo on delicious, and i'd like the DSLR-version.

  • brutusbuckeye

    brutusbuckeye is my delicious username and I'd like the QuickPod DSLR please.

  • sesser

    rssr is my delicious username. I wouldn't mind the QuickPod DSLR. That thing looks handy. Thanks!

  • Andrew Maiman

    My username is amaiman – count me in for the QuickPod DSLR, please. Sounds like it would be a great tool, but a little on the pricey side for what it is.

  • Nick Jones

    darellik is my Delicious username, and I would like the QuickPod DSLR, please.

  • Erica Coffey

    hey my name is Erica. and i absolutely love photography, and i like yours. i only have a small digital camera.. its all i could afford. it is a Nikon coolpix L18 ive had it for like 2 years. im in need of a new camera but it does good for now :) so i guess the best choice is the quick pod.
    my user name on Delicious is EricaFanatical

  • sesser

    By the way… did I mention Saturday is my birthday? :)

  • carolinesimone

    I would love a QUIKPOD PRO DSLR :) user name on delicious carolinesimone

  • MikeGrace

    username: mikegrace and a QuikPod DSLR would rock! ; ) Thanks for the chance to win.

  • barl0w

    barl0w is my user name. QuikPod DSLR please!

  • Lauren Petersen

    Loving this giveaway!! I signed up just so I can have a chance of winning, and I'm pleasantly surprised at delicious! I've always heard of it but never used it. Thanks!
    I would love the QuikPod DSLR, I can only think of SO many fun ways to use it!! Screenname for Delicious is laurenalexisphoto

  • Naveen Sharma

    dejohn is my username in Delicious and I would love to have the QuikPod DSLR! Thank you!

  • Shawn

    Username is fotodo & I've bookmarked ya'. Nice advice here – thanks…

  • Shawn

    Oops, forgot – Quickpod DSLR (fotodo)

  • Keith

    Username is Keith247, QuikPod DSLR.

  • Keith

    Username is Keith247, QuikPod DSLR.

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