Welcome to PetaPixel

This is the first post of what will hopefully be an exciting journey…

First, a little about myself. My name is Michael Zhang, and I’m an entrepreneur, photographer, and web developer. I have a computer science degree from UC Berkeley, and have been passionate about photography since I started taking photography seriously in high school.

I started this blog both to improve in photography and to pass on what I learn and have learned. PetaPixel will hopefully become the kind of blog I wish existed but never found on the web – a blog geared towards those who have mastered the basics of photography and camera work, but want to learn more and improve the quality of their photos.

Welcome aboard!


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  • peter

    great idea this blog, hope to learn more. I just started stepping into the Raw world, but it does take getting used to i find. Hopefully i’ll get the hang of it soon.

  • Wendy

    I’m glad this is being done. Everyone can learn something new. Photography is my hobby and to be able to learn more is a great thing. Look forward to a lot more posts. :)

  • adiapatigusti

    Hey i learned something today. Thanks

  • makaid

    Congratulations on your blog!

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  • Oosnapnet

    WOW! That’s the description of how i started of with photography! AND I’M ASIAN TO! But i’m a girl. YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME!

  • Will

    Can’t really see this catching on ;)